Roll a Gingerbread House Game (Cute Free Printable!)

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This roll a gingerbread house game is a fun Christmas printable that kids will love!

roll a gingerbread house

Looking for a fun gingerbread house printable? We’ve got this roll a gingerbread house game.

It’s a roll-a-dice game where kids (and adults) can roll numbers to see how they’re going to decorate their gingerbread house.

Players take turns rolling the dice and then drawing on the paper gingerbread house with markers, crayons, or whatever they want. The more creative they get, the better!

The game is a great way to get kids in the Christmas spirit. It can even help teach counting and color recognition skills.

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How to Play

gingerbread house game

The beauty of this game is that it can be played alone or with others.

You can play cooperatively or turn it into a competition. It’s really your preference.

To get started playing print out the free printable, one for each player.

You’ll need a pair of dice, or use our printable dice. You can even use the blank templates and make a Christmas themed die.

If you are playing individually, the player chooses to roll one dice or two. Then draws whatever item correlates to the number rolled.

Keep going until the house is either decorated with at least one of each item, or until you’re happy with the way your gingerbread house looks.

If you are playing competitively, you could let each player take turns rolling and drawing each item only once. If you land on an item you’ve already drawn, you skip a turn.

Then whoever’s house has all the items first, wins.

The cool thing about this printable is that you can honestly make up your own rules. It’s all about playing in a way that’s fun for your kids.

Grab the Printable Roll a Gingerbread House Game

To grab the printable game, put your email in the box below. We’ll send it straight to your inbox.

Then you can print and start playing!

This is for personal or classroom use only, please. Not for commercial use. Thank you!

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printable gingerbread house game

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