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Spooktacular Halloween Word Searches

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Today we have some fun Halloween word searches! We created a few spook-tacular Halloween word search puzzles for you too! These are free printable word search puzzles perfect to get anyone excited for Halloween! We hope you love them!

Halloween word searches

Looking for some awesome Halloween word searches? Doing a word find is a fun holiday activity perfect to keep kids busy.

They also make a great activity for a Halloween party. Your guests can have fun trying to find all the hidden words before someone else does!

We made these word searches with plenty of spooky Halloween words that are sure to get anyone in a festive frightful mood!

Some of these are geared toward adults, but we included a set for younger kids and a set for older kids too!

The best part is you can get these printables all for free! 

And if you do enjoy these printables, make sure to check out the rest of our fun and free Halloween printable games.

Before you decide if you even want to do these word puzzles, let’s take a quick look at why they are awesome. 

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Benefits of Word Search Puzzles

Doing a word search puzzle can have tons of learning benefits for kids (and adults for that matter!) It’s both a fun and educational activity.

The benefits of doing word search puzzles include:

  • Reinforcing vocabulary skills
  • Helps to recognize sight words
  • Reinforces spelling skills
  • Helps those who do them to become better spellers

So doing these Halloween word search puzzles can help anyone become just a wee bit smarter while having fun and doing something festive for the season! 

We have 4 free printable Halloween themed word search puzzles for you today!

Halloween Word Search: Medium Difficulty

printable halloween word search puzzles

This cute free Halloween word search is medium difficulty but still loads of fun.

This printable puzzle is full of fun Halloween themed words, including our favorite Halloween creatures like witch’s, mummy’s and bats!

But also a bunch of feel-good spooky words like full moon, twilight and Haunted House.

Who is this word search good for?

It’s great for older kids or adults looking for a fun word search that isn’t too hard. 

Halloween Witchy Word Search: Medium Difficulty

witch themed word search printable for halloween

This word search is full of witch words! It’s also medium difficulty. 

Perfect for all those witchy folks in the household. It features a cute black cat and a skull with a witch’s hat.

Whos this Halloween Word Search Good For?

Any witch loving adult or older child will love this printable witchy themed word search!

Adult Halloween Word Search: Hard Difficulty

Adult halloween word search

This is one of our harder search a word puzzles.

For some reason, difficult word searches are just so much more satisfying.

There are tons of fun Halloween words to look for in this spooky word search! Including Jack o Lantern, Broom stick, Pumpkin, ghost and other fun ones.

Be warned, it’ll probably take you a bit to complete the search completely.

But that’s what makes it that much more fun.

We added tons of creepy words to find to make this a more time-intensive game. 

Who is this Halloween Search a Word good for?

This one is perfect for adults who are looking for a challenge and have the time to really search.

It features a long word list filled with fun words perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Word Search for Kids: Easy Difficulty

kid word search printable for halloween

If you are looking for a quick and simple printable Halloween word search for kids, then this is the one for you!

This word search is not creepy, spooky or scary in the least! The graphics are kid-friendly candies. No scare here! 

This is perfect for younger children who enjoy a good word search, but not so hard they want to give up. 

How to Get Your Free Halloween Printable Word Searches

To grab the wordsearch put your email in the box below. We’ll send it straight to your inbox, along with lots of other fun free printables and holiday ideas.

This is for personal or classroom use only please, not for commercial use. Thank you!

Update: When this word search was first created, we didn’t realize that a few of the words were missing from the harder word search puzzles.

We created a few new puzzles using the same word lists, but ensured that the puzzles now have all the words to find!

If you go to the free printable library above, you’ll find the new word search puzzles with the answer key to each puzzle included.

halloween word search puzzle with answers
halloween word search puzzle with answers
halloween word search puzzle with answers
halloween word search puzzle with answers

Tips for Downloading and Printing

The link to download each Halloween word search puzzle includes all 4 of the printables.

It also includes an answer sheet for each word search, just in case you have trouble with some of the hidden words.

I suggest just printing out the sheets you want to use. Feel free to print out as many copies as you like.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. i mut be doing something wrong. I click on crafty resource library as instructed. takes me to the library. clink on Halloween printable word searches, sends me back to click on crafty resource library that then takes me to the library….and on and on in a circle never getting to the page I would like to print out. what am i doing wrong?

    1. Hmm, I checked the link and it’s working for me. It pulls up a PDF printable of all the word searches. Sometimes a popup blocker and stop PDF files from opening in a new window. Could this be the problem?

  2. Do you have a answer sheet? We are trying to do the medium word puzzle and cant find any words past 6!?

    1. I found a problem with some of the puzzles, so we updated them and included an answer sheet with the printables. Hope this helps and sorry about the confusion!!

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