Summer Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

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Today printable is a fun and engaging Summer Scavenger Hunt printable. Kids can enjoy searching for these summer-themed items and color them as they find each one. It’s a perfect activity for keeping little ones entertained and active during the summer months.

Today we have a Summer Scavenger Hunt! This printable is a fantastic way to keep kids busy and excited about exploring their surroundings. Whether you’re heading to the park, the beach, or just enjoying your backyard, this outdoor scavenger hunt promotes observation skills and creativity as kids color in each item they find.

It’s perfect for summer playdates, family outings, or a fun afternoon at home. For more summer themed fun check out our favorite summer crafts for kids or our awesome 3D summer coloring pages.

Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Engaging Activity: Keeps kids entertained and active.
  • Promotes Creativity: Kids can color each item they find.
  • Easy to Use: Just print and start your adventure.
  • Educational Fun: Encourages observation and attention to detail.


  • Printable PDF: Our Summer Scavenger Hunt printable, available for free download.
  • Crayons/Markers: For coloring the items once found. Any coloring supplies will work.
  • Clipboard: To make it easier to carry and color on the go.
  • Bag/Container: Optional, to collect small items found during the hunt.

The Printable

Our Summer Scavenger Hunt printable features a variety of summer-themed items for kids to find and color. The black and white design includes a butterfly, bee, kite, bicycle, ball, sun, sand bucket, ice cream cone, leaf, and flower.

Each item is illustrated in a way that’s easy for kids to recognize and fun to color. The printable encourages kids to get outside and explore their environment, looking for these common summer sights. It’s designed to be both an outdoor adventure and a coloring activity, making it versatile and enjoyable for children of all ages.


Download and Print: Start by downloading the Summer Scavenger Hunt printable. Print it out on standard paper.

Prepare Coloring Supplies: Gather crayons, markers, or any preferred coloring tools.

Set Up: Attach the printable to a clipboard to make it easy to carry and color.

Start Hunting: Head outside and let the kids begin their scavenger hunt. Encourage them to find each item on the list.

Color as You Go: As they find each item, they can color it in on the printable.

Review and Celebrate: Once all items are found and colored, review the sheet together and celebrate their achievement.

Top Tips

  • Laminate the printable to use it multiple times with dry-erase markers.
  • Make it a group activity by turning it into a friendly competition to see who can find all the items first.
  • Encourage kids to describe where they found each item to enhance their storytelling skills.
  • Use this activity as an opportunity to teach kids about different summer elements and their importance.

Educational Uses and Enhancements

Vocabulary Building: Use the scavenger hunt to teach new words related to summer. Discuss each item as they find it, its characteristics, and its importance.

Science Exploration: Discuss the natural elements in the scavenger hunt, such as the butterfly, bee, leaf, and sun. Explain their roles in the ecosystem.

Math Skills: Incorporate counting and sorting into the scavenger hunt. Have children count the items they find or sort them by category (e.g., living vs. non-living).

Art and Creativity: Encourage kids to use different colors and patterns when coloring. This enhances their artistic skills and creativity.

Physical Activity: Turn the hunt into a physical exercise by setting a timer for each item. This adds excitement and helps with physical development.

Grab the Free Printable

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This is for personal or classroom use only please, not for commercial use. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy our free Summer Themed Scavenger Hunt printable! It’s a wonderful way to combine outdoor fun with a bit of creativity. Happy hunting and coloring!

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