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Printable Easter Baskets (Lots of Free Templates)

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Today we have some cute and free printable Easter baskets! These are fun and easy printables where you print the design and cut, fold and glue your basket templates. It’s both a fun Easter craft and creates useful diy baskets.

Printable Easter baskets.

As Easter approaches, getting ready for the egg hunts and treats is all part of the excitement. What better way to prepare than with these adorable and easy-to-make printable Easter baskets?

Not only do they provide a fun Easter basket craft for kids, but they also serve as a delightful way to collect Easter goodies. Whether it’s for gathering eggs or presenting gifts, these baskets add a special touch to the holiday.

This project is great for anyone of any age. Younger kids will enjoy coloring and helping add their “designs” to the baskets, while older kids and adults will enjoy putting the together.

We also made sure to include plenty of designs to choose from! From cute animals to more realistic baskets. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your tastes or needs.

Looking for more fun Easter printables? We’ve got lots of good ones. Like our printable build a bunny craft, or our cute pin the tail on the bunny game.

If you’re looking for more Easter basket printables, you can check out our Easter basket templates too.

Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Lots of Designs: Choose from six fun designs, each with its own charm.
  • Color or Black & White: Each design comes in both a ready-to-go full color and a customizable black and white version.
  • Easy to Make: With simple materials and instructions, you can create a beautiful Easter basket in no time.
  • Perfect for Easter Treats: These baskets are just the right size for collecting Easter eggs, candies, and small gifts.


Printable Templates: You can grab all of the templates at the bottom of this post.

Scissors: For precise cutting of the basket shapes.

Glue: To assemble the baskets and ensure they hold together.

Coloring Supplies: Crayons, markers, or colored pencils for the black and white versions, allowing for full customization.

Paper: Personally, i recommend printing out your designs on card stock. It’ll make for a sturdier basket.

The Printables

Our printable baskets come in 7 different designs.

  • Easter Bunny Basket: Perfect for the ultimate Easter enthusiast, bringing the iconic symbol of the holiday to life.
  • Easter Chick Basket: Adds a dash of cuteness with its adorable chick design, ideal for younger crafters.
  • Woven Wicker Basket: Gives a classic touch mimicking the traditional Easter basket look.
  • White Picket Fence with Easter Flowers: Cute and feels like the freshness of spring with its floral design.
  • Wooden Basket Holding Carrots: Great for those who love the Easter bunny theme, complete with carrots for a playful twist.
  • Polka Dot Basket: Offers a fun and colorful option, easy to match with any Easter decor.
  • Carrot Patch: And finally a basket with a carrot in a field. A cute simple design.

Each of the designs comes in black and white as well.

Free printable Easter basket templates.

Printing tip: The PDF file comes with 14 printable baskets. To print only the baskets you want, make sure after you download the PDF, go to printer settings before printing.

In the section that says “print pages” put the pages of the PDF file that you’d like to print out. That way you save ink and paper, and only print the baskets you want to use.


Select Your Design: Choose from the six designs, deciding between full color or black and white.

Print: Use cardstock or heavy paper for best results.

Printable Easter basket template.

Color (if applicable): Bring the black and white versions to life with your favorite colors.

Cut Out: Carefully cut around the basket template.

Fold and Assemble: Follow the folding lines and use glue on the tabs to construct your basket.

Printable Easter baskets.

Fill and Enjoy: Place Easter treats inside and use them for your Easter celebrations.

Top Tips

  • Paper Choice Matters: Heavier paper makes sturdier baskets that can hold more treats.
  • Test Colors First: Especially important for the black and white versions to ensure the final look aligns with your vision.
  • Allow Time to Dry: Give glue ample time to dry before filling the baskets to avoid accidents.
  • Mix and Match: Don’t hesitate to print different designs for a colorful and varied Easter basket collection.

Grab the Free Printable

To grab the free printable Easter basket templates, just pop your name and email into the pink box below. We’ll send it right to your inbox.

Plus, you’ll be the first to know about our new free printables. Remember, these are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial purposes. Thanks for understanding!

More Easter Fun

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These printable Easter baskets are not just a craft but a cheerful addition to any Easter celebration.

They’re easy enough for anyone to make and offer a wonderful opportunity to personalize your Easter décor and activities.

Whether used for an egg hunt, as a gift basket, or simply as a festive decoration, these baskets will surely add an extra layer of joy to your holiday.

Printable Easter baskets.

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