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Printable 3D Bunny Craft Template

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Today we have a fun printable 3D bunny craft. Print out the bunny rabbit template, cut it out and then fold and glue it into a 3D bunny! Perfect for a fun activity and then playable toy figure.

3D paper bunny craft template.

Looking for a simple yet adorable craft for your little ones? This 3D bunny craft is not only fun to make but also great for promoting creativity and fine motor skills.

Whether it’s for Easter, springtime, or just a fun afternoon activity, this bunny craft is sure to bring joy to your kids’ faces.

This craft template lets you and your kids make a cute paper bunny in no time!

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Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Easy and straightforward to make.
  • Encourages creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Perfect for seasonal decorations or playtime.
  • Provides a printable template for convenience.


  • Printable 3D bunny craft template: Download and print the template provided. You can find it at the end of this post.
  • Scissors: Use child-safe scissors for little ones.
  • Glue or tape: Any type of glue or tape will work.


3D paper bunny craft template.

Print the template: Download and print out the 3D bunny craft template.

Cut along the lines: Carefully cut out the bunny shape along the solid lines.

Fold along the dotted lines: Fold along all the dotted lines to create the 3D effect.

Glue or tape: Apply glue or tape to the tabs and attach them to the corresponding sides to form the bunny shape.

Decorate: Let your kids get creative by decorating their bunny with markers, crayons, or stickers.

Display or play: Once decorated, display your 3D bunny as a decoration or let your kids enjoy imaginative play with their new bunny friend.

3D paper bunny craft template.

Top Tips

  • Use cardstock or thicker paper for a sturdier bunny.
  • Assist younger children with cutting and folding.
  • Encourage creativity by using different colors or patterns for decorating.
  • Make multiple bunnies to create a whole family of adorable rabbits.

Ideas for Using the Printable

Use as cute Easter or springtime decorations for home or classroom.

Learning Opportunities: Teach shapes and spatial awareness. Encourage creativity through decorating. Develop fine motor skills while crafting.

Imaginative Play: Create a bunny village or use in imaginative scenarios. Incorporate into storytelling or puppet shows.

Educational Activities: Use for counting, sorting, or symmetry exercises. Explore animal habitats and behaviors.

Seasonal Crafts: Adapt for other holidays or occasions. Create themed displays for different times of the year.

Gift Giving: Personalize and give as heartfelt gifts.

Outdoor Activities: Take on outdoor adventures for imaginative play or scavenger hunts.

Classroom Projects: Use in lesson plans for art, science, or math. Display around the classroom for festive learning environments.

Grab the Free Printable

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We’ll send it straight to your inbox. This printable is for personal or classroom use only please.

This printable 3D bunny craft is a simple yet delightful activity that will keep your kids entertained and engaged.

Whether it’s for an Easter bunny craft, to enjoy as a spring activity, or just a rainy day, this craft is sure to bring smiles all around. Enjoy crafting your cute little bunnies!

3D bunny craft template.

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