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Printable Easter Placemats

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Today we have some adorable printable easter placemats that are chock full of fun activities to keep kids busy with Easter themed ideas. This free Easter printable is perfect for coloring and playing paper games.

Printable Easter Placemats.

Today’s craft is all about making Easter extra fun with printable Easter placemats! These black and white pages are packed with various Easter activities like tic-tac-toe, word search, connect the dots, tracing, spot the difference, and more.

Perfect to keep kids entertained and engaged during Easter celebrations!

These Easter printables are a simple way to add some Easter cheer to your home or classroom

Not only do they offer fun activities for kids, but they also encourage creativity and keep kids occupied during Easter gatherings.

Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or looking for a fun activity to do with the kids, these placemats are sure to be a hit!

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Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Keeps kids entertained during Easter celebrations
  • Encourages creativity and cognitive development
  • Easy to print and use at home or in the classroom
  • Provides a variety of activities to suit different interests and skill levels


  • Printer: You’ll need a printer to print out the kids Easter placemats.
  • Paper: Use regular printer paper for best results. You can also use cardstock for a sturdier placemat.
  • Crayons or Markers: To color in the activities on the placemats.
  • Optional: Laminator and laminating pouches if you want to make the placemats reusable.

The Printable Placemats

Printable Easter Placemats.

These Easter activity printables are perfect for printing out and using as placemats for kids to keep them busy during Easter parties or Easter brunches.

Printable Easter Placemats.

We have 6 pages total that all come on one PDF file. Choose which placemats you want to print, or print them all and let the kids decide which ones they want to do.

Printable Easter activity Placemats.

They’re all in printer friendly black and white. There are tons of different activities from easy tracing, to spot the difference activities, word searches, word scramble, drawing activities and just having fun coloring in the placemats themselves.


Download the Printable: Get the cute printable Easter placemats and download the files. You can get them at the end of this post.

Print the Placemats: Use your printer to print out the placemats on regular printer paper or cardstock.

*If you have a specific page you want to print, find the page number on the PDF file. Then go to printer settings and only print that page number to save you paper and ink.

Color and Complete Activities: Set out the placemats along with crayons or markers. Let the kids color in the activities and complete the puzzles.

Optional: If you want to reuse the placemats, laminate and let the kids use dry erase markers.

Top Tips

  • Encourage kids to get creative with their coloring and designs.
  • Use the placemats as a conversation starter during Easter meals.
  • Laminate the placemats for durability and reuse.
  • Print extras to have on hand for unexpected guests or for additional activities.

Grab the Free Printable:

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We’ll send it straight to your inbox, along with updates on new free printables. Please remember, these printables are for personal use or classroom use only and not for commercial use. Thank you for respecting our terms!

With a fun printable Easter placemat, you can add a touch of Easter fun to your celebrations while keeping the kids entertained and engaged. Whether it’s coloring, solving puzzles, or playing games, these placemats offer hours of Easter enjoyment for the whole family!

Printable Easter Placemats.

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