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Printable Easter Treat Bags

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Today, we’ve got these adorable printable Easter treat bags. These little paper baggies come in six designs, with half ready in vibrant colors and the other half in black and white for a fun coloring activity.

Printable Easter treat bags.

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than with a craft that’s not only fun but also practical?

These printable Easter treat bags are perfect for kids to put their personal touch on Easter celebrations.

They encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and the joy of giving.

Perfect for Easter parties, these little paper bags can hold treats, eggs, or small gifts, making the holiday fun, exciting and personal.

These fun Easter printables are a great activity for kids to create their own bags to give to other students or family members, encouraging both creativity and generosity.

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Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Easy and Accessible: With simple materials and free printables, anyone can make these.
  • Customizable: Color them in or choose pre-colored versions for a personal touch.
  • Practical Fun: They’re not just cute; they’re useful for holding Easter treats.
  • Family Activity: Great for spending quality time together while crafting.


Printable Treat Bag Templates: Six designs, three in color and three in black and white. You can grab them at the bottom of this post.

Scissors: For cutting out the treat bag templates.

Glue: To assemble the baskets securely.

Crayons/Markers: (For the black and white versions) To color and personalize.

The Printables

Our printable treat bags come with 6 different designs in one PDF file. Everything in one download.

It’s got three different full colored versions.

Printable Easter treat bags.

We’ve got those same 3 designs in a printer friendly black and white version. Which is great for a fun Easter coloring activity.

Printable Easter treat bags.

Tip* Only want to print out one design? To save paper and ink, when you download the PDF, go to printer settings. Then find the page number of page you want to print.

Type that number into the print pages section, and you’ll only print out that one page.

Printable Easter treat bags.


Making your own paper treat bag is really easy. Especially with our templates.

Choose Your Design: Pick from the colored or black and white templates.

Print the Template: Use regular or slightly thicker paper, like card stock for durability.

Color: If you’re using the black and white version, color your basket however you like.

Cut Out: Carefully cut along the edges of the basket template.

Fold: Follow the lines to fold the sides of the basket into shape.

Glue: Apply glue to the tabs and secure the sides together to form your basket.

Top Tips

  • Test Colors: On a separate sheet, test your markers or crayons to pick the best shades.
  • Let it Dry: After coloring, let any ink or glue dry completely before assembling.
  • Be Gentle: When folding and gluing, gentle pressure prevents tearing.
  • Fill Wisely: Don’t overload the baskets; keep treats light and balanced.
Printable Easter treat bags.

Educational Uses

Looking for ways to incorporate this printable activity into your teaching plan?

Fine Motor Skills Development: Cutting out the baskets, coloring within the lines, and folding the paper requires precision and coordination. These actions help in strengthening the fine motor skills crucial for writing and other daily tasks.

Color Theory and Artistic Expression: The black and white versions serve as a blank canvas for exploring color theory. Kids can learn about primary, secondary, and complementary colors as they decide how to color their baskets.

Mathematics Reinforcement: Assembling the basket involves following steps that can incorporate basic geometry (identifying shapes), measurement (using rulers to ensure correct folds), and even fractions (folding paper into halves or quarters).

Environmental Education: Discussing the choice of using paper baskets over plastic ones can lead into conversations about recycling, sustainability, and the importance of making environmentally friendly choices.

Grab the Free Printable

To get your hands on these free printable Easter basket templates, just pop your name and email into the pink box below.

We’ll send it directly to your inbox. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about our new free printables.

Remember, these are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial purposes. Thanks for understanding!

We hope you enjoy these treat bags and assembling your own cute little paper bags.

Printable Easter treat bags.

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