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Printable Easter Crafts (Free templates!)

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Today we have lots of fun free printable Easter crafts! These are perfect for younger kids, like preschoolers and kindergartners, but older kids will love crating these cute Easter figures too!

Printable easter crafts.

Easter crafts are a wonderful way to celebrate the season while engaging your little ones in creative play.

Our printable Easter crafts collection is designed with young children in mind, helping to develop fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and offer a fun, hands-on way to talk about the Easter season.

Whether you’re preparing for a classroom activity or looking for something fun to do at home, these crafts are ideal for kindergartners and preschoolers.

Looking for other fun Easter crafts or Easter printables. We’ve got tons!

From our adorable build a bunny craft to our super cute Easter activity placemats, there are tons of fun things to keep the kids entertained this holiday season.

Why You’ll Love These Printables

  • Easy to Prepare: Just print, cut, and paste. Perfect for busy parents and teachers.
  • Educational: Helps with the development of fine motor skills and encourages creativity.
  • Versatile: Offers both full color and black-and-white versions for extra coloring fun.
  • Easter Fun: Brings the spirit of Easter into any setting, from classrooms to kitchen tables.


Our Printable Crafts: Choose from our set of six different Easter-themed crafts. Both in colored versions or fun to color black and white version. You can grab them at the bottom of this post.

Scissors: For cutting out the shapes. Safety scissors are great for younger kids.

Glue: Any basic stick or liquid glue will do the job.

Crayons/Markers (optional): For the black-and-white printables, so kids can add their personal touch before assembling.

The Printables

Our Easter craft printables includes 6 different images.

We’ve included each of the following:

Easter Bunny Craft: This cute bunny is ready to hop into your Easter celebrations. Perfect for adding a touch of spring to your decor.

Easter Chick Craft: A chirpy chick to brighten your day. This craft is a fun way to discuss the signs of spring with your kids.

Easter Basket with Eggs Craft: Fill this basket with colorful eggs. A great opportunity for kids to play with patterns and colors.

Easter Chicken Craft: Not to be outdone by the chick, this chicken adds some farmyard fun to Easter.

Decorate an Easter Egg Craft: Let imaginations run wild decorating these eggs with patterns and designs.

Bunny in Easter Egg Craft: A whimsical craft featuring a bunny popping out of a beautifully decorated egg.

And each of these crafts comes in a coloring page version, and printer friendly black and white.

Printable easter crafts.

Educational Uses

Integrating these printable Easter crafts into your educational activities can enhance learning in various fun and engaging ways. Here’s how they can be used to support key developmental areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills Development: Cutting, coloring, and gluing help improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity, which are crucial for writing and other daily tasks.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Encouraging children to add their personal touch, especially with the black-and-white versions, fosters creativity and imagination.
  • Color Recognition and Decision Making: Choosing colors for the black-and-white printables can help with color recognition and provides an early exercise in making choices.
  • Pattern and Sequence Recognition: Assembling the crafts according to the instructions can enhance understanding of patterns and sequences, critical thinking skills every child needs.
  • Cultural and Seasonal Awareness: Discussing the significance of Easter and spring can broaden children’s cultural and seasonal awareness, connecting them with different traditions and natural cycles.
  • Math Skills: Counting pieces, talking about shapes, and measuring are all subtle ways to incorporate math into craft time.
  • Literacy Skills: Reading instructions together, and discussing the craft’s theme can boost vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Emotional Development: Crafts provide a non-competitive activity where every child can feel a sense of accomplishment, which is essential for building self-esteem and emotional resilience.


These printable Easter crafts are super easy to use.

Select Your Craft: Choose which Easter craft you’d like to start with and print it out.

Color (if using black-and-white versions): Let your child bring their craft to life with some color.

Coloring in the easter craft printable.

Cut: Carefully cut out the shapes along the lines.

Glue: Follow the picture on the printable as a guide to glue the pieces together.

Cutting out the craft template parts and gluing together.

Display: Show off your child’s Easter craft on the fridge, windows, or classroom walls.

Top Tips

  • Let Kids Choose: Allow your child to pick which craft to start with to increase their engagement.
  • No Rush: Don’t hurry through the process. Enjoy this as a bonding activity.
  • Embrace Imperfections: Crafts don’t have to be perfect. It’s all about the fun and learning experience.
  • Recycle: Use cereal boxes or scrap paper to print the black-and-white versions for an eco-friendly craft.

Grab the Free Printable

To grab your free printable, simply pop your name and email into the pink box below.

We’ll send it directly to your inbox. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about our new free printables.

Remember, this is for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. Thanks for understanding!

These printable Easter crafts offer a perfect blend of fun, learning, and seasonal celebration.

They’re an easy and enjoyable way to keep little hands busy while fostering creativity and motor skills. So, get your printer ready, gather your craft supplies, and create some Easter memories!

Printable easter crafts.

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