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Easter Cutting Practice (Free Scissor Skills Worksheets)

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Get ready to hop into some creative fun with our Free Printable Easter Cutting Skills Pages! This set includes lots of cutting activities designed to engage your little ones. They’ll love coloring, cutting, and pasting the Easter-themed images, and the variety of cutting lines provide valuable practice to develop their scissor skills.

Easter cutting practice.

Scissor skills are key for kids’ development, and our Free Printable Easter Cutting Skills Pages are designed to sharpen these essential abilities.

Cutting practice isn’t just about following lines, it’s a foundational skill that boosts fine motor control, enhances coordination, and lays the groundwork for future writing skills.

These printables offer a fun, thematic way for kids to improve their cutting precision, all while sticking with a fun Easter theme.

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Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Skill Development: Enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and scissor cutting practice.
  • Creative Expression: Kids can color, cut, and paste, allowing them to express their creativity while celebrating Easter.
  • Engaging and Educational: Perfect for preschoolers, these activities keep little hands busy and minds active.
  • Variety of Challenges: From simple straight lines to more complex shapes, there’s something to suit all skill levels.
Easter cutting practice worksheets.


  • Printable Activity Pages: 11 pages of diverse cutting activities with Easter-themed images and lines.
  • Scissors: Child-safe scissors suitable for little hands and improving scissor skills.
  • Colored Paper: For pasting the cut-out images and creating colorful backgrounds. (optional)
  • Glue or Paste: To adhere the cut-outs onto the paper, enhancing their pasting skills. (optional)
  • Crayons or Markers: For coloring the images, adding a personal touch to their creations. (optional)
Free printable Easter cutting practice.


Print the Pages: Start by printing the 11 activity sheets on standard paper. You can grab them at the bottom of this post. Choose one or print them all!

Color the Images: Encourage your child to color the Easter images before cutting.

Cut Along the Lines: Guide them to carefully cut along the dotted lines – straight, wavy, and various shapes.

Paste the Cut-Outs: After cutting, they can paste the images onto colored paper, creating their own Easter scenes.

Practice Cutting Lines: The last two pages are dedicated to cutting practice, helping kids master different scissor movements.

Top Tips

  • Supervise the Activity: Always supervise young children to ensure they use scissors safely.
  • Encourage Creativity: Let kids choose how they want to color and paste their images, fostering their creative decisions.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Start with straight lines and easier shapes and gradually move to more complex shapes as their confidence grows.
  • Reuse and Repeat: These printables can be used multiple times, providing continual practice and enjoyment.

The Printables

Free printable Easter scissor skills worksheet.

We’ve included 9 images with dotted lines for your kids to cut out. These can get extra use by having your kids color the images first, cut them out and then paste them to construction paper.

Scissor skills worksheets.

We also included 2 dotted line cutting skills pages, where they can follow the lines as they cut, working their way to the cute Easter characters.

Printing tip: When you download the PDF file, you’ll see all 11 pages on one PDF. Pick and choose which ones you want to print, and go over to printer settings.

Then only select the page number you want to print to save paper and ink!

Grab the Free Printable

To download your free Easter Cutting Skills Pages, simply input your name and email in the pink box below.

We’ll send them directly to your inbox, plus keep you updated with our latest printables.

These are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. Thank you!

Our Easter Cutting Skills Pages are the perfect blend of fun and educational value, designed to keep your little ones engaged while improving their scissor skills.

Download your set today and watch your child’s skills blossom just in time for Easter!

Easter cutting practice and scissor skills worksheets.

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