Popsicle Stick Vampire Craft

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This Popsicle Stick Vampire craft is perfect for kids who are looking to get in the Halloween spirit. It’s simple, fun, and easy to make, and it doesn’t require any special materials or tools.

popsicle stick vampire craft

Looking for a fun Halloween craft for kids? This vampire craft is perfect!

It’s one of our many Halloween popsicle stick crafts and is adorable and fun for the spooky holiday.

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Now to make this fun little Dracula, you’ll need to grab a few materials.

Materials Needed

Popsicle stick vampire template: Grab and print out the template to make cutting out the vampire pieces super easy.

Popsicle sticks: We used the wider popsicle sticks.

Colored craft paper: We used black, red and white.

Googly eyes: You can use real googly eyes or grab and print out a set of our printable googly eyes.

You’ll also need some basic craft supplies like:

  • Glue
  • Hot glue gun & stick
  • Scissor

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Vampire

To make this vampire craft we are going to start by gluing 5 popsicle sticks together.

You can do this by lining them up and carefully gluing them together.

Then cut 2 additional popsicle sticks shorter.

Then attach them together by gluing the two smaller sticks across all 5 popsicle sticks.

Then print out our Vampire template and cut out all the pieces to use as a template.

Then trace and cut out the hair, ears, and mouth on black. And the bow and vampire fangs on red.

Glue each piece on to the popsicle stick base. Glue the hair at the top of the popsicle sticks, the eye brows directly underneath it, with the ears out on the sides, and the mouth toward the bottom half.

Then attach the red bow and fangs. It should look a little like the photo below.

Next, attach your googly eyes, print out eyes or just draw your own on!

popsicle stick vampire craft

And that’s it! He’d look great with our popsicle stick scarecrow and our cute popsicle stick pumpkin!

popsicle stick vampire Dracula craft
Halloween popsicle stick vampire craft
popsicle stick vampire craft
Yield: 1 Popsicle stick vampire

Popsicle Stick Vampire Craft

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Estimated Cost: $

This adorable popsicle stick vampire craft is an adorable Halloween Dracula craft for kids!


  • Template provided
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Colored paper (red & black)
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Glue


  • Glue gun & stick
  • Scissor


  1. Glue together 5 popsicle sticks.
  2. Rreinforce the back by gluing two shortened popsicle sticks in the opposite direction.
  3. Print out the template and cut out all the vampire pieces.
  4. Trace and cut out the hair, eyebrows, ears and mouth onto black paper.
  5. Then trace and cut out the fangs and bowtie on red paper.
  6. Aattach the vampire pieces to the popsicle sticks with glue.
  7. Add googly eyes.
  8. Enjoy your fun Dracula craft!
popsicle stick vampire craft

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