Fun Ice Cream Cone Templates for Crafts & Coloring

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Looking for some Ice Cream Cone Templates? We’ve got some good ones just for you!

ice cream cone templates

Looking for a good ice cream cone template? We’ve got several perfect for making fun crafts and art projects.

Ice cream cones are a fun and delicious summer treat, but they can also make for a super fun summer craft project.

Our ice cream templates provide the perfect way to create your own customized cones, which can then be used for a variety of fun activities.

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Ice Cream Cone Craft Ideas

If you plan on using these templates for ice cream cone crafts, we have a ton of fun ideas!

Decorate your ice cream cone: You can print out a large ice cream template and decorate it.

You can either color the ice cream scoop and cone in different colors, or use other materials like craft paper or tissue paper.

You can use some glue and glitter or pieces of cut up scrap paper as the sprinkles. And even top it with a cherry! Like a big red pom pom!

Mix and Match: Another great ice cream craft idea would be to cut out the ice cream scoops and use them as templates to cut out different flavors of ice cream.

Like brown for chocolate, white for vanilla, green for mint.

Then cut out the ice cream cones from different colored paper to represent different flavors.

Then you can have fun mixing and matching the different combinations of ice cream flavors to cones!

It would be fun to see just how many different combinations you can come up with.

Coloring pages: Of course these also make great ice cream cone coloring pages as well. Just print and whip out the crayons or colored pencils and your good to go with a fun kids activity.

You can print out the medium sized templates and use them as ice cream coloring pages. Color each cone with a different pattern or colors.

Other Uses

You can also use these as ice cream cone stencils or outlines. Or to decorate for an ice cream party.

Set them out as coloring pages for a fun free activity, and then string them up together to make an ice cream banner for the party!

Or use them to practice color patterns.

Ice Cream Templates

We have a few different printable ice cream templates to choose from. From big ice cream cones to small ones, to just an ice cream scoop and just the cone.

Large Ice Cream Craft Templates

We have a blank ice cream cone template in both large and small sizes.

ice cream cone template

We also have a more detailed ice cream printable which is better for a coloring page.

ice cream template
ice scream scoop and cone template

This ice cream template has the scoop and cone separately so that you can cut them out and use them as traceable templates.

Small Ice Cream Printables

We also have the above ice cream outlines but in smaller sizes.

small ice cream cone outlines
small ice cream cone templates

Plus several scoops of ice cream on one page, and several ice cream cone shapes on the other.

ice scream scoop templates
ice cream cone craft templates

Small Printable Ice Cream Cones

And finally, we have the smallest ice cream templates. There are 12 printable ice cream cones to a page

ice cream cone outlines
ice cream printable

These are especially good for practicing patterns for kids and young children.

Just have them color them using different colors in a distinct pattern.

How to Grab the Templates

To grab the free printable ice cream templates just put your email in the form below.

We’ll send the ice cream printables straight to your inbox.

We’ll also let you know when we have more free printables and resources.

These templates are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. But feel free to download and print as many as you like!

Once you have the PDF, you can pick and choose which template you want to use and print just those pages. Or print them all!

Since every printer is different some might have trouble getting the page to print right.

If that’s the case, make sure to click the fit to page button before printing and that should fix the problem.

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