Free Acorn Template Printables

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Today we have a free acorn template just for you! If your looking for an acorn coloring page or an acorn pattern to make crafts with, you’re sure to find one of these templates to your liking!

acorn template printables

These free printable acorn templates are perfect for all sorts of craft activities, art projects or school activities.

You can use them as coloring pages or cut out and make fun fall decor for a classroom. The possibilities are endless.

Here we have a few different types of acorn templates for you to print out and use for crafts and art projects.

You can use them for anything from scrapbooking to coloring pages.

These acorn templates come in handy when you want to have a fun nature or fall project to work on and pair great with our corn templates and pumpkin templates.

These types of templates make it fun for your kids to do art projects like decoupage or even mod-podge.

Each acorn template below has a unique shape or size, so you can pick the one that best fits your project.

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large printable acorn template

Using the Acorn Templates for Craft Projects

Acorn crafts are a fall favorite. And paper acorn crafts are a favorite amongst preschoolers and elementary aged kids.

Some of the craft projects that you can use these acorn templates for are scrapbooking, coloring pages, and other crafts.

These types of templates make it fun for your kids to do art projects like decoupage or mod-podge.

You can also print out the acorns and use water color paints, crayons and markers to decorate the acorn.

Kids love playing with different mediums, and decorating the acorns with more than one type of medium will get their creative juices flowing.

You can also get outside and have the kids collect brown and yellow leaves to decorate the top of the acorn and color the bottom half of the acorn brown.

Using the Acorn Templates in Art Projects

You could also laminate the acorn template and play with it with playdough.

Or you can find brown and earthy colored photos from magazines or pieces of scrap paper and add them to the acorn template.

Using the Acorn Templates for School

Finally, these acorn templates have so many great school uses.

They can be used to help decorate a bulletin board or cut out multiple acorns and make a fun fall banner.

You can also have the kids write a short story on the inside of the large acorn template.

The possibilities are endless.

Downloading the Printable Acorn Template PDF

You can grab all of the acorn templates below. Then download the template. Then print out the ones you want to use by going to print settings and selecting only the pages you want to print.

Make sure not to just click the picture and print from there. Your acorn templates will turn out very blurry.

Free Acorn Template Coloring Page

large printable acorn coloring page template

This large acorn coloring page template is my favorite acorn template. It makes for a fantastic acorn coloring page.

Large Acorn Printable Template

large printable acorn template

This larger acorn template is perfect for projects where you’ll need more space.

Like creating stories within the acorn or turning the acorn into cute faces.

Medium Acorn Templates

medium acorn templates

These medium templates still have enough room and space inside the acorn for projects, but comes with multiple acorns on a page.

Small Acorn Templates

small acorn templates printable pdf

Finally, projects where you’ll need lots of acorns at a time, we have these small acorns that fit 9 on a page!

If you’re looking for more acorn fun, make sure to check out our cute squirrel coloring pages too!

How to Grab the Acorn Templates

Ready to get started with your acorn craft or project? Enter your email in the box below and we’ll send all the printable templates right to your inbox!

These are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. But feel free to download and print as many as you like! Thank you.

What will you be doing with your printable acorns? Give others some new ideas in the comments below!

free acorn templates printables
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  1. Thank you for the free downloadable acorn. I will have my kindergarten students color and cut one out, then we will glue a picture of themselves inside of their acorn for the bulletin board. A writing activity about what they love, or don’t love, about fall will be alongside their acorn and picture. This will be perfect for small motor skills, writing, and social/ emotional activities. So much to integrate with one acorn!

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