Free Printable Apple Template

If you are looking for some free printable apple templates, then you have come to the right place! These templates for great for all sorts of crafts and activities that can be used by kids and adults alike.

Free printable apple templates

Whether you want to make a poster about apples or cut out paper apples as part of an arts and craft project, we have a few that are perfect for the job.

Free printable apple templates

Craft Ideas to Do with These Apple Templates

There are tons of fun apple activities that kids enjoy. Be sure to read some fun apple quotes while crafting and learning!

The crafts that you can do with these apple templates are really up to your imagination, but here are a few ideas:

Tissue Paper Apples

Print out the large apple templates and use red or green tissue paper to “color” the apple. This is a fun craft that preschoolers love! You can grab a bunch of tissue paper and have the kids tear them up into smaller pieces.

Then have them scrunch up the papers, roll them into loose balls or just make them into some kind of three dimensional shape.

Then they can cover the apple in glue and stick the crumpled tissue paper all over the apple essentially coloring it in.

This is great for helping them develop fine motor skills and keeping them busy and focused on a fun task.

Trace the Apple

You can also print out the apple templates and have the kids place a new piece of paper over the apple shape.

They can then practice tracing around the template with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

This is great for developing fine motor skills in preschoolers and kindergarten aged kids.

Use as Coloring Pages and Teaching Colors

You can also use these apple templates to teach them about different colors because each one comes in a few color options!

They can then use the smaller apple templates to color in the apples in a variety of yellows, greens and reds.

Identify the Parts of an Apple

You can also have them use the printable apples to help them identify parts of the apple. We include an apple pattern that has the seeds in it too.

So they can draw a line to each part and write the part out on their printable.

Help them to identify the stem of the apple, the core, the seeds, the skin and the apple flesh.

Writing about Apple Picking Experience

If you’re kids have recently been on a field trip to the apple orchard, printing out the apple outline and having them write about their experience is a great writing prompt.

The apple shape helps coordinate the thoughts while making it fun to have to write in a different shape than they are used to.

Make a Decorative Bunting for the Classroom or Home

Another fun idea is to cut out the smallest apple templates and use them to create a fun decoration for the wall.

They can tape the backs of the apples to a long string and hang up a fun apple bunting.

How to Download the Templates

We wanted to make accessing these apple printables as easy as possible. So to grab the templates simply click the link below to download the PDF files and then print away!

Don’t print from the photos, the quality won’t come out well and they wont print well at all.

Large Apple Templates

We have several larger printable apple templates. We provided a variety of shapes so that you can find the one that will work best for your apple project.

Printable apple template for crafts

Download this basic apple printable template here.

Apple with seeds free printable pdf

This one is great if you’re doing an apple unit study that involve identifying parts of an apple as it contains seeds in the center.

Grab the apple seed template here.

Apple outline printable pdf

This template has a thicker line perfect for placing under a sheet of white paper to practice drawing exercises.

Download the thick outline template PDF here.

Apple template printable

This printable is my personal favorite to use as an apple coloring page. Grab it here.

This one has the most basic apple shape and perfect for use as a craft template to paint on or use the tissue paper on. Or to cut out and use as a stencil.

Grab the printable template here.

Small Apple Templates

We also provided a few small apple templates in case your project needs a small apple shape to work with. One sheet contains 4 medium sized apples, while the other has 9 very small apples total.

Medium apple template

Small apple template

I hope that these printables will be useful and fun in your future apple crafts and activities. These templates are for personal or class room use only.

Make sure to check out the rest of our craft templates!

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free printable apple template
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