Lots of Hand Outlines and Templates (Free Printables!)

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Looking for a hand outline or printable hand templates? We created some free printable templates for you to grab and use in all sorts of fun creative projects.

Hand outlines and templates

These hand templates are perfect for all sorts of crafts and fun activities.

Some of our favorite activities are

  • Making handprint keepsakes
  • Painting the hands
  • Doing “manicures” on the paper hand templates
  • Use as coloring pages
  • Friends learning activities
  • To use for writing projects
  • To use to practice drawing hands
  • To use for scissor skills
  • Handprint crafts

They’re also great for using as hand stencils.

We’ve got a few different hand outline templates that you can grab. We’ve got very large ones and smaller ones too.

These are perfect for parents looking for a fun activity for their children, or for teachers to use in the classroom.

The best part is that they are all free to download!

If you are looking for other body part templates, we aslo have free printable eyes, person templates and lip templates.

Large Hand Outline

We have 2 large hand templates. One for the left hand and on for the right hand.

These are blank handprint templates that let kids get creative!

hand template
blank hand template

They can cut them out and color or draw on them.

Or they can draw what different types of hands might look like.

A monster’s hands or a pirates hands!

They can draw and decorate them with jewlery, nails, gloves. All sorts of fun creative things! And you don’t have to stick with just crayons or markers.

You can give them gemstones or pipe cleaners to add multimedia dimensions to their hand creations.

Each on its own separate pages.

This hand outline is perfect for bigger crafts and great for learning activities for kids.

Two Hand Outline Templates

We also have three different medium-sized hand templates.

The first one features a set of hand outlines together horizontally on the paper.

hand outlines

The second one features 4 hand outlines on one page, and the last one is two hands vertically one the page.

hand outlines and template
hands template

Small Hand Outlines

We also have a bunch of small hand outlines all one page, in case you’re doing a project where you need lots of small hand templates.

handprint templates
handprint outlines

Other Creative Ideas for the Free Templates

There are tons of fun ways kids can use these templates.

You can use them to make handprint turkeys, to practice drawing hands by tracing them under a blank sheet of paper, cut them out and use them for basic counting by folding the fingers, having several children make lots of different hands and tape them together so that they are all “holding hands.”

The possibilities are endless!

How to Grab the Hand Templates

To get the free downloadable hand outlines and templates just put your email in the box below.

We’ll send all the outlines to your inbox.

These are for personal and classroom use only, not for commercial use. Thank you!

hand templates and outlines

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