Free Printable Pumpkin Templates for Crafts and Activities

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Need a good pumpkin template or outline? Look no further. We’ve got lots of great printable pumpkin templates all for free!

pumpkin template

Looking for some pumpkin templates to use for your next craft or art project?

Look no further! We’ve got a whole collection of pumpkin templates that are perfect for kid’s crafts, classroom activities, and pumpkin-themed art projects.

They’re perfect fall templates that pair great with our acorn templates and corn templates. Making it super easy to make all sorts of fun fall crafts.

Best of all, they’re all absolutely free! Just download and print them out, and you’re ready to get started.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional pumpkin template or something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered.

These make great pumpkin coloring pages, but if you’re looking for some Jack O Lantern coloring pages, we’ve got those too.

So get into the pumpkin-crafting spirit today and grab a free pumpkin template!

free printable pumpkin templates

Uses for These Templates

You can use these pumpkin templates for all sorts of fun things.

They make great pumpkin stencils, pumpkin outlines for kid’s crafts or classroom decorating or for anything else you’d need a printable pumpkin cut out for.

And they’re great for all sorts of Halloween crafts.

Craft and Activity Ideas

There are all sorts of fun crafts you can do with our free pumpkin templates. Here are just a few ideas:

fun halloween tik tak toe board using a simple pumpkin template

Make Games: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make some fun fall-themed or Halloween themed games, you can print out the pumpkin outline on orange paper.

Cut it out and draw a grid on it so they can play some fun Halloween tik-tak-toe.

ANd if you’d like to make one similar to that above, then be sure to grab some ghost templates to go along with your pumpkin ones.

Pumpkin Paintings: You can use the printable templates as guides to create a pumpkin painting. Let the kids grab some orange and green paint and fill in the outlines.

They can then paint their own jack o lantern faces on the pumpkins once they’re dry.

Or you could let them get creative and use their own favorite color combinations. Cut them all out and then hang them all up together and create a fun classroom pumpkin patch art activity.

Get Creative with Pumpkin Seeds: Another fun activity is to print out the simple pumpkin outline and let the kids color them in with orange crayons or markers.

Then let them cut out some white seed shapes and have them glue the seeds into their pumpkin shapes.

You can use it as a teaching activity and have them create patterns or shapes. Or use a certain number of seeds in each of the pumpkins.

Or let them fill in the entire pumpkin outline with the seeds, then paint the seeds after! It’s a fun change up from the normal painting projects.

pumpkin outline filled with pumpkin seeds
pumpkin outline filled with pumpkin seeds craft for kids

Drawing a Jack o Lantern: Another fun idea is to use the pumpkin shapes and let them draw their own creative jack o lantern faces onto the pumpkin.

They can be cute or creepy. Either way they’ll have tons of fun coming up with a pumpkin face to celebrate halloween.

Large Pumpkin Template

We have lots of different templates to choose from. From large pumpkin templates to small pumpkins. Your sure to find one that’s perfect for your craft or classroom activity needs.

The large templates we have include the following pumpkins:

Simple Pumpkin Outlines

This printable pumpkin outline is perfect for all sorts of crafts and activities. It also makes am easy pumpkin stencil for larger projects.

And we have a second printable simple pumpkin shape if you’d like an alternative one.

large printable simple pumpkin outline
simple pumpkin outline printable

Pumpkin Outline Printable

Our next pumpkins have more details. They are larger pumpkins that take up the entire page. We have both round pretty pumpkins and threw in a misshaped pumpkin too in case you need an ugly one for a creepy Halloween project.

pumpkin template
printable pumpkin outline
printable pumpkin template

Small Pumpkin Outlines

We also have small pumpkin cutouts. These come four to a page and are great if you need a smaller pumpkin template.

There are five different pumpkin shapes to choose from detailed to simple outlines. They make great printable pumpkin patterns too.

small pumpkin stencil outlines
printable pumpkin templates
pumpkin outlines
free printable pumpkin templates

I personally like the smaller templates to use as decorations. You can print them out on colored paper and hang them up together on a string to create a festive pumpkin bunting.

pumpkin outlines
printable pumpkin template
pumpkin template
printable pumpkin outline
pumpkin cut outs to print

How to Grab the Templates

To grab a pumpkin template, put your email in the form below. We’ll send you all the templates straight to your email. We’ll also let you know when we have more free templates to grab.

Once you get the email, you can download the free PDF file. Then print the pages you’d like to use.

Since every printer is different, I find that if you are having trouble with the sizing of your templates, just go into your print settings and hit fit to page.

It almost always fixes the problem.

These templates are for personal or classroom use only. Not for commercial use. But feel free to download and print as many as you need. Thank you!

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