21 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Party Foods

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Having a Halloween party soon? We found some of the best Halloween party foods and rounded them up all in one place! We hope you find these recipes inspiring!

Halloween party foods

Halloween Party Foods

Finding fun halloween party foods can feel like a daunting task.

At the same time, it’s so much fun to see all of the creative and fun halloween treats and snacks that are out there around the web!

Monsters and mummies and bats oh my! We already rounded up some of our favorite Halloween cupcake ideas.

Well, we found some of the most interesting foods that would be perfect for any halloween party!

We hope you find some great inspiration here.

mummy rice krispie treatas for halloween

Rice Krispie Mummies

These Rice Krispie Mummy Treats are really easy to make using premade rice Krispie treats and decorated with candy melts and candy eyes!

Put them on a popsicle stick and you have a wonderfully spooky, but very easy party treat.

Mummy hot dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs

These hot dog mummies are a Halloween party classic!

They are so easy to make and this particular recipe requires 2 ingredients!

They only take about 15 minutes of hands on time, and 15 minutes to cook and you’ll have an instant party favorite.

halloween bat treats for a halloween party food idea

Easy Bat Treats

These cute and easy Halloween bat treats are made from chocolate chips and snack cakes!

Put a few of these out on the table at your Halloween party for a fun batty display!

jello brain halloween party food

Halloween Jello Brain

This is a really cool party food! Jello Brains!!

Seriously, there’s not much I can say about this one, but it just LOOKS awesome and creepy.

To make the brains look less like jello, they added a couple extra ingredients that really just too the jello to the next level.

halloween party chocolate cat back

Halloween Black Cat Bark

Homemade candy bark is an excellent party food!

It can be tapered to any theme. And this black cat candy bark hits the Halloween spirit on the mark!

Its gorgeous and adds a colorful pop to the party table.

monster cookies

Monster Meringue Cookies

These adorable monster cookies are made from meringue!

They are actually much easier to make than they look and you can get as creative as you want with these guys!

creepy halloween party centerpiece

Creepy Prosciutto Face

This would make a great center piece on the food table of a Halloween party!

Just look at that creepy prosciutto face!

It will sure creep out your guests, which is sorta the point right?

This creative but creepy face is a fantastic real food option your party guests will love!

Halloween party ghostly dip

Halloween Party Dip

This adorable Halloween party dip is easy to make and so stinkin cute!

After all, every good party needs a dip!

Top with a few ghost candies and you’ll have a delicious sweet dip that’s perfect with pretzels or cookies!

witch fingers party food

Witches Finger Cookies

These witches finger cookies are so spooky, and on the relatively on healthy side.

They are made with whole wheat and dye free!

These would made a nice, real food addition to any halloween party table.

Halloween jalapeno popper mummies

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers

These Jalapeno popper mummies are so good!

They take a little more prep work than the mummy hot dogs, but they are totally worth it!

Plus they are super cute. Serve these with some ranch dip and your Halloween party with be a smash!

monster marshmallows

Monster Marshmallows

These monster marshmallows are so cute!

Kids are sure to gobble these little guys up.

The melted candy with the displaced eyes adds such a fun melted swamp monster feel.

Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween Party Food Ideas

Black Cat Halloween Cupcakes

These black cat cupcakes are super cute if I do say so myself.

The feature a black cat made of chocolate and an eerie Oreo cookie moon.

These Halloween cupcakes are aren’t even hard to make! Make sure to check out the full tutorial!

We’ve got lots of great Halloween cupcake ideas here.

halloween pudding dirt cups

Graveyard Pudding Bowls

These cute little graveyard pudding bowls are so much fun.

The bowls are made from melted candy and balloons!

Add some pudding and cookies decorated to look like gravestones and your good to go.

veggie tray for halloween party

Skeleton Veggie Tray

When picking Halloween party foods a balance of decadent snacks and healthy snacks is key.

This skeleton veggie tray is an excellent addition that’ll give your guests a choice of healthy veggies with a creamy dip!

monster oreo brownies

Halloween Oreo Monster Brownies

These Oreo Monster Brownies are perfect for a Halloween party!

Not only are these brownies cute, but they are made with a rich chocolate fudge and the Oreos give just the right amount of crunch.

Pumpkin shaped bread rolls for halloween party

Pumpkin Bread Rolls

These pumpkin bread rolls are perfect for a more intimate Halloween party!

The homemade does is made with pureed pumpkin and to shape the rolls into their pumpkin shape is surprisingly easy!

Halloween Popcorn

Popcorn is a wonderfully easy, crowd pleasing favorite.

And this Halloween themed popcorn is just too tempting!

It’s candy coated and contains just the right amount of candy bits to make it feel decadent without being overly sweet.

Zombie cupcakes for Halloween Party

Zombie Cupcakes

These cute little zombie cupcakes are cute and bright and a perfect Halloween party snack!

These are sure to be a hit with kids as well as any adults!

monster brownies party food

Monster Brownies

Just check out these monster brownies!

What a cute Halloween party food!

I love that these brownies are so easy to make look so great!

You could easily make your own fab party brownies following the tutorial!

Cute pudding cups that look like frankenstein for kids halloween party

Frankenstein Pudding Cups

These adorable Frankenstein pudding cups are perfect for a Halloween party with kids.

They cute and easy to make, and scream Halloween monster treat, without being too scary.

withces brew dessert for halloween party

Witches Brew Trifle

This fantastically gross dessert, is a fantastic Halloween party food.

This witches brew trifle contains layers of cake and pudding, mint eyeballs and jello worms!

Halloween party chocolate skull with pink mouse for brains

White Chocolate Skulls

This fun dessert is surprisingly simple.

These white chocolate skulls are filled with a yummy pink mouse that looks like brains!

food for halloween party

This dessert is creepy, but definitely classy and would look pretty on a halloween party table.

halloween party foods

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