Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

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Looking for some fun Halloween Perler bead patterns? We have free printable patterns perfect for fun and spooky Perler bead fun.

Halloween Perler bead patterns

We had lots of fun making these easy Halloween Perler bead patterns!

My kids have been loving creating all sorts of things with the Perler beads (also known as hama beads)! It’s a frugal fun activity.

It’s an easy Halloween craft for kids that will keep them busy and helps with fine motor skills.

It’s also great to make these little figures to keep as decorations during the holiday! My kids like turning them into cute keychains to attach to their backpacks.

Make sure to check out all of our free Halloween printables!

How to Use Perler Beads

If you’re not familiar with Perler beads they’re also commonly called Hama beads, melty beads and fuse beads.

To get started with Perler bead projects just gather your beads and a pegboard for them.

The Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

Our Halloween Perler bead pattern comes in 8 different shapes including a big Jack o lantern, a ghost, a skull, candy corn a spider, and a spider web.

We wanted some easy patterns to make but still having fun designs.

We used Halloween colored Perler beads. Colors like black, white, orange, green and purple. And a little yellow for the candy corn.

You can find fun sets of Halloween Perler like this monster set and even a cute 3D haunted house set!

Here’s the spider we made from the black beads.

halloween perler bead spider

And the cute Jack O Lantern pattern we made from the melty beads.

Halloween perler bead pumpkin

And my oldest had lots of fun crafting this little skull.

Halloween Perler bead skul

But our printable patterns come with several more shapes.

Halloween perler bead designs

Grab the Free Printable Pattern

To grab the printable Halloween patterns just put your name and email in the box below.

We’ll send the printable straight to your inbox for you to grab and print.

These are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use, thank you!

Easy Halloween perler beads patterns
Halloween perler bead patterns and designs free printable

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