Super Cute Felt Gingerbread Ornament (With Free Pattern)

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Today we have this super cute felt gingerbread ornament. It’s an adorable felt Christmas ornament you can easily make to decorate the Christmas tree or to give as a sweet handmade gift.

Whats your elf name printable.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to dive into the festive spirit than by creating your very own decorations.

Today, we bring you a delightful felt gingerbread man ornament craft, complete with a free printable pattern! This activity is perfect for crafters of all levels, so let’s get started!

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First, make sure you have all your crafting essentials at hand:

  • Our Free Printable Felt Gingerbread Man Pattern (download details coming up!)
  • Assorted felt fabrics
  • Needle and thread in coordinating colors
  • Cotton or scrap felt for stuffing
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Fabric marker or gel pen
  • Scissors


Gingerbread man template peices.

Step 1: Prepare Your Patterns

First off, download and print the felt gingerbread man pattern. Then trace the template shapes onto your chosen felt fabrics using a pencil. Our template includes the gingerbread man base and the head frosting. Cut along the traced lines. You’ll also need additional shapes and strips, which you can freely cut from your felt. You can get as creative as you like with this.

drawing face on gingerbread man head.

Step 2: Sketch Facial Features

Grab one of the base cutouts and mark where the eyes and mouth will go using a fabric marker or gel pen.

Stitching a mouth.

Step 3: Bring Him to Life

Thread your needle with black thread for the eyes and white thread for the mouth. Stitch these features onto the face.

Adding cheek details and eyes with thread.

Step 4: Add Some Blush

Cut out two small circles from a rosy felt for the cheeks. Attach them using thread that matches the cheek color.

Attaching icing piece to top of head.

Step 5: Frost the Head

Next, place the head frosting at the top of the gingerbread man’s head. Scatter some colorful small felt cutouts to serve as sprinkles on the frosting.

Attaching sprinkle decorations.

Step 6: Secure the Frosting

Stitch the small colorful pieces to the frosting and then stitch the frosting to the base. You can use white thread for all these steps. We just used one basic stitch to attach the sprinkles.

Adding icing to arms.

Step 7: Arm Accents

Cut two slender felt strips for the arms and stitch them on using matching thread.

Stitching on icing to legs.

Step 8: Leg Accents

Similarly, cut two more strips and stitch them onto the legs.

Adding felt buttons.

Step 9: Button Up

Create colorful felt buttons and stitch them down the middle of the gingerbread man’s body.

stitching front and back piece together.

Step 10: Attach the bases

Now, lay the decorated gingerbread man on top of the second base cutout. Stitch the edges together, leaving a small opening for stuffing.

Adding filling to felt gingerbread man.

Step 11: Fill the Gingerbread Man

Fill your felt gingerbread man ornament with cotton or scrap felt, then stitch the opening closed.

And that’s it! Attach a ribbon and your adorable gingerbread ornament is all finished!

Felt gingerbread men.
Felt gingerbread man ornaments.

Grab the Free Printable Pattern

Eager to start your felt ornaments?

Making this adorable felt gingerbread man ornament couldn’t be easier, thanks to our free printable pattern.

Enter your name and email in the pink box below, and we’ll send the felt gingerbread man pattern straight to your inbox, along with more delightful craft ideas and freebies.

Note: This printable is for personal or classroom use only, and not for commercial use. But if you do decide to make these ornaments and sell them I’m ok with that.

Ideas for Your Felt Gingerbread Man Ornament

  • Ornament Exchange: This is the perfect craft for an ornament exchange party.
  • Gift Decoration: Attach your felt gingerbread man to a wrapped gift for an extra touch of thoughtfulness.
  • Tree Decor: Use a loop of ribbon to turn your felt gingerbread man into a tree ornament.
Felt gingerbread man ornament DIY.

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