Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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Today we have a super cute toilet paper roll ladybug craft!

It’s a perfect ladybug preschool craft that is easy to make and makes a fun little toy to play with afterward that young children will love.

ladybug toilet paper roll craft

Spring has sprung and we’ve been making lots of fun spring crafts!

And what says spring more than good bug crafts. Especially ladybug crafts!

Today we’re making a cute little ladybug out of a toilet paper roll! 

Like most households with young kids, we end up with a lot of toilet paper rolls. 

If you’re in the same boat, make sure to check out all of our toilet paper roll crafts for kids.

So it only makes sense to use them for something, well… useful.

Or at the very least fun. So we are making a ladybug. 

We’ll even show you step by step in this tutorial how to make your own ladybug toilet paper roll craft. 

Ladybug craft made from toilet paper roll

Supplies Needed for Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft

To make this little ladybug craft, you’ll need the following supplies:

How to Turn a Toilet Paper Roll into a Ladybug

This little ladybug is a perfect summer craft for preschoolers.

To make the this ladybug toilet paper roll craft, start by grabbing your empty toilet paper roll and the rest of your supplies.

Then follow the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1: Cover the Roll in Black Paper

Cut the black craft paper to fit over the cardboard roll. (About 7 inches by 4 inches)

Roll the black craft paper around the toilet paper roll and glue it down.

Toilet paper roll covered in black paper to make ladybug

Step 2: Add the Red Upper Body

Next, cut out a red piece of craft paper, half the size of the black craft paper piece (7 inches by 2 inches.)

This will be the lady bugs “red wings.”

Ladybug craft supplies, toilet paper roll and paper

Step 3: Wrap the Red around the Body

Next, wrap the red strip of paper around the bottom half of the black roll. 

Glue the red strip in place and allow to dry.

Ladybug toilet paper roll craft

Step 4: Add the Ladybugs Dots

Using a hole punch, cut out several black dots. 

You could also cut by hand, but they are a little harder to get round.

Glue them on the red area of your ladybugs body, like shown in the photo below. 

Toilet paper roll with craft paper to look like lady bug

Step 5: Add Eyes and Antennas to the Ladybug

Now add a set of googly eyes to the ladybug’s upper half. 

Cut out 2 thin black strips of paper, and glue them to the top of your toilet paper tube to represent the ladybug’s antenna. 

Now your toilet paper roll ladybug craft is all finished! 

Ladybug made from toilet paper roll

Ain’t she cute! 

Toilet paper roll ladybug craft

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It’s a fun way to use craft supplies you probably already have around the house. 

Make sure to pin this idea for later! 

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