January Themes, Holidays and Activities

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Today we are talking all about January themes, holidays and activities you can do with your kids during the month of January.

Welcome to January, a month filled with the promise of new beginnings and a myriad of opportunities for engaging our little learners in exciting and educational activities.

We believe in making learning fun and meaningful. So, let’s dive into a wonderful array of January themes, activities, and holidays that are perfect for children’s exploration and learning.

January Themes for Learning

Winter Wonders: January is the heart of winter, and what better way to explore this season than through learning about snow and ice and winter animals?

Engage your kids in a fascinating conversation about how snowflakes form. Each snowflake’s unique design can be a gateway to understanding the wonders of nature. You can make your own snowflakes from pipe cleaners.

Enhance this theme with a hands-on activity like grabbing our snow globe templates, and creating a cute snow globe that kids can personalize and decorate.

New Year, New Skills: The New Year is a great time to teach children about setting goals and managing time. Work with your kids to set simple, achievable goals.

Whether it’s reading a certain number of books or learning a new skill, goal-setting can be a powerful tool for children’s growth.

To add a creative twist, consider crafting a DIY Goal Setting for Kids activity that makes goal-setting a fun and tangible exercise.

Famous January Birthdays: Celebrate historical figures born in January, like Martin Luther King Jr. Discuss their life, their contributions, and how they have inspired change.

Activities such as drawing portraits or writing short essays can help children connect with these figures on a deeper level.

Special Days and Holidays in January

January is not just the beginning of a new year; it’s a month filled with special days and holidays that can be both fun and educational for kids. Here’s a list of notable dates, along with activity ideas to celebrate them:

  1. New Year’s Day (January 1st)
    • Activity: Create a time capsule. Have kids fill it with their favorite memories from the past year and their hopes for the new year.
  2. National Science Fiction Day (January 2nd)
    • Activity: Encourage kids to write or draw their own science fiction story. Discuss famous science fiction authors and their contributions.
  3. World Braille Day (January 4th)
    • Activity: Teach kids about Braille and the importance of accessibility. Try simple activities like writing their names in Braille using raised dots.
  4. National Spaghetti Day (January 4th)
    • Activity: Cook spaghetti together and learn about different types of pasta and their origins.
  5. National Bird Day (January 5th)
    • Activity: Go bird watching or make bird feeders. This is a great opportunity to learn about different bird species and their habitats.
  6. National Cuddle Day (January 6th)
    • Activity: Enjoy a family movie night with lots of cuddles. Discuss the importance of affection.
  7. Three Kings Day (January 6th)
    • Activity: Learn about this holiday’s traditions and make a Three Kings craft or a crown.
  8. Elvis Presley’s Birthday (January 8th)
    • Activity: Have an Elvis-themed dance party and learn about his impact on music and culture.
  9. National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (January 9th)
    • Activity: Write thank you cards to local law enforcement officers.
  10. Kiss a Ginger Day (January 12th)
    • Activity: Discuss diversity and uniqueness. Create art celebrating famous redheads in history.
  11. National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14th)
    • Activity: If you have a pet, dress them up safely and take fun photos. Discuss proper pet care.
  12. Martin Luther King’s Birthday (January 15th)
    • Activity: Read about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and achievements. Discuss his impact on civil rights.
  13. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday of January)
    • Activity: Engage in discussions about civil rights and create a “I Have a Dream” project, where kids illustrate their dreams for a better world. Like our I have a dream worksheet.
  14. National Penguin Day (January 20th)
  15. Celebration of Life Day (January 22nd)
    • Activity: Create a family tree and discuss the uniqueness of each family member.
  16. International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27th)
    • Activity: For older kids, discuss the importance of tolerance and the dangers of prejudice.
  17. National Lego Day (January 28th)
    • Activity: Build Lego creations together and challenge kids with specific building tasks.
  18. National Puzzle Day (January 29th)
    • Activity: Spend the day doing different types of puzzles. This can include jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, or even digital puzzle games. You can grab our printable puzzles which are perfect for this day.
  19. Chinese New Year (Varies, typically in January or February)
    • Activity: Learn about Chinese New Year traditions and zodiac animals. Crafts like making lanterns or dragon masks can be both educational and fun.
  20. National Hot Chocolate Day (January 31st)
    • Activity: Make homemade hot chocolate and discuss the history of chocolate. You can even experiment with different hot chocolate recipes.

There is a TON of special days to celebrate in January! Which makes it perfect for all sorts of learning activities.

Fun and Educational Activities

Craft Corner: Dive into some winter crafts that are both fun and educational. For example, try making a fun Snowman craft which is not only a delightful activity but also helps in enhancing fine motor skills.

Kitchen Science: Involve kids in simple baking projects that teach measurement and basic chemistry. Baking a batch of cookies can turn into a fun lesson on fractions and chemical reactions (what makes the cookies rise?). For younger kids, creating Edible Playdough can be both a culinary and sensory experience.

Story Time: January is a great month to snuggle up with some good books. Compile a reading list of winter-themed stories.

Outdoor and Indoor Games

Snow Adventures: If you’re in a snowy area, outdoor play in the snow can be both fun and educational. Building a snowman or going on a winter nature walk are great ways to enjoy the season. We have snowman coloring pages perfect for enjoying after a snow day.

Indoor Fitness Fun: For days when it’s too cold to venture outside, indoor obstacle courses or yoga for kids can keep them active and engaged. Or play some Simon says.

Educational Field Trip Ideas

Check out local museums, science centers, and libraries for January-themed events or exhibits. These can be great avenues for interactive and hands-on learning.

Monthly Challenge for Kids

Introduce a January challenge, like a daily reading challenge or a small science project. This can be a fun way to encourage learning and creativity throughout the month.

January is a month rich with possibilities for learning and fun. By engaging our kids in these educational activities, we can help them start the year on a positive and curious note. Let’s make the most of this month and create wonderful learning experiences for our children!

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What are some of your favorite January themes? Let us know in the comments to give everyone more ideas!

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