How to Play Freeze Dance + Different Ways to Play

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Want to learn to play freeze dance? Here you’ll find the rules for the game plus tips and variations to up the fun level.

freeze dance game

Freeze Dance is a timeless and entertaining group game for kids and adults that’s tons of fun and has tons of benefits.

Combining music, dancing, and friendly competition, this game is simple enough for everyone to participate in and enjoy, regardless of age or skill level.

The widespread popularity of Freeze Dance can be attributed to its universal appeal and easy-to-follow rules.

It’s a game that transcends age barriers, making it perfect for children’s parties, adult social events, and even family get-togethers.

With its ability to bring people together in a playful and energetic atmosphere, Freeze Dance has solidified its status as a must-have addition to any celebration.

How to Play Freeze Dance

1. Select a DJ/Music controller: Choose a designated DJ/Music controller who will be in charge of selecting, playing, and pausing the music throughout the game.

This person should be attentive and able to vary the duration of music intervals to maintain excitement and unpredictability.

2. Gather the participants: Invite all players to the dance floor or designated area for the game.

Ensure there is enough space for everyone to move around freely and safely.

3. Explain the rules: Before starting the game, make sure all participants understand the basic rules.

They should know that when the music plays, they must dance, and when the music stops, they must freeze instantly in their current position.

4. Start the music: The DJ/Music controller begins playing the chosen music, signaling the start of the game. Participants should start dancing and enjoying themselves.

5. Pause the music at random intervals: The DJ/Music controller will pause the music at random moments, prompting players to freeze in place.

The duration of each music interval should vary to keep the game engaging.

6. Eliminate players who fail to follow the rules: During the “freeze” moments, any participant who does not freeze immediately or moves while the music is paused will be eliminated from the game.

In some variations, a designated judge may be appointed to observe and determine who should be eliminated.

7. Resume the music and repeat: Once a player has been eliminated, the DJ/Music controller resumes the music, and the game continues with more rounds of dancing and freezing.

8. Declare a winner: The game proceeds until only one player remains on the dance floor. This last participant standing is declared the Freeze Dance champion.

Benefits and Skills Learned for Kids Playing Freeze Dance

Physical activity: Freeze Dance encourages children to move around and be active, which promotes overall physical fitness, strength, and coordination.

Listening skills: The game requires kids to pay close attention to the music and respond quickly when it stops. This helps improve their listening and focus abilities.

Creativity and self-expression: Dancing allows children to express themselves creatively through movement, helping them discover their unique style and boost their self-confidence.

Social interaction: Freeze Dance is a group activity that fosters interaction and cooperation among participants. It can help children develop essential social skills, such as communication, teamwork, and empathy.

Emotional regulation: The game teaches children how to manage their emotions in a fun and engaging way. They learn to stay composed under pressure when they have to freeze suddenly and control any disappointment they may feel if eliminated from the game.

Motor skills development: As kids dance and freeze in various positions, they practice and enhance their gross motor skills, balance, and body awareness.

Memory and concentration: Freeze Dance challenges children to remember the rules and stay focused on the task at hand, contributing to better memory and concentration skills.

Sportsmanship: Playing the game allows kids to learn the importance of being a good sport, whether they win or lose. They learn to celebrate the successes of others and gracefully accept defeat.

By participating in Freeze Dance, children can enjoy numerous benefits that contribute to their physical, emotional, and social development while having a great time.

Different Ways to Play Freeze Dance

1. Theme-Based Freeze Dance

How to start: Choose a specific theme for the dance moves, such as animals, sports, or movie characters.

Materials needed: Music playlist that fits the chosen theme, a music player, and a designated DJ/Music controller.

Number of players: No limit, as long as there is enough space for everyone to dance safely.


  • The DJ/Music controller plays songs that match the chosen theme.
  • Participants must dance while impersonating the theme (e.g., dancing like an animal or a famous movie character).
  • When the music stops, participants freeze in a pose related to the theme.
  • Elimination and winner declaration remain the same as the classic version.

2. Props Freeze Dance

How to start: Provide various props for participants to use while dancing, such as hats, scarves, or inflatable instruments.

Materials needed: A collection of props, a music playlist, a music player, and a designated DJ/Music controller.

Number of players: No limit, as long as there is enough space for everyone to dance safely and enough props for everyone to use.


  • Each participant chooses a prop to dance with.
  • The DJ/Music controller plays the music, and participants dance while incorporating their chosen prop.
  • When the music stops, participants must freeze while still holding or using their prop.
  • Elimination and winner declaration follow the same rules as the classic version.

3. Dance Move Roulette Freeze Dance

How to start: Create a list of specific dance moves that participants must perform when the music plays. Assign each move a number.

Materials needed: A list of dance moves, a music playlist, a music player, a designated DJ/Music controller, and a method to randomly select a number (e.g., a spinner or an online random number generator).

Number of players: No limit, as long as there is enough space for everyone to dance safely.


  • Before each round, the DJ/Music controller randomly selects a number that corresponds to a dance move from the list.
  • Participants must perform the chosen dance move when the music plays.
  • When the music stops, participants freeze in the position of the selected dance move.
  • Elimination and winner declaration follow the same rules as the classic version.

Remember to use an exciting and diverse music playlist for each variation to keep the energy high and participants engaged. Happy dancing!

Freeze Dance is a versatile and entertaining party game that can be easily adapted to suit various age groups, themes, and events.

By incorporating creative variations, such as Theme-Based Freeze Dance, Props Freeze Dance, or Dance Move Roulette Freeze Dance, you can make the game even more engaging and enjoyable for all participants.

The key to a successful Freeze Dance experience lies in choosing the right music, providing clear instructions, and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to let loose and have fun.

So, whether you’re planning a children’s party or an adult gathering, don’t hesitate to include Freeze Dance as a lively activity that brings people together and creates lasting memories.

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