Different Ways to Play Simon Says

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Looking for some fun ideas for simon says? There are lots of different ways to play simon says that’ll enhance learning and development in children while they have a total blast.

Different ways to play simon says

The Simon Says game is a classic group game for kids that has been enjoyed for generations.

But did you know that there are many variations of the traditional game that can make it even more exciting to play?

From using different body movements to adding props and even incorporating colors, there are endless ways to put a unique spin on this classic game.

Whether you want to keep it simple or get creative, there’s a version of Simon Says that’s perfect for your next game night or kids’ party.

So let’s explore some of the different ways to play Simon Says and have some fun along the way!

Different Ways to Play Simon Says

Here are some of our favorite variations on the simon says game.

Simon Says Color Challenge

Rather than utilizing simple commands, the leader can replace them with color sequences, like “Simon says to touch your red shirt” or “Simon says to touch something yellow.”

Simon Says Opposite Day Challenge

Instead of following Simon’s instructions as usual, players are required to do the opposite. For example, if Simon says “Jump,” players should refrain from doing so. On the other hand, if Simon says “Don’t move,” players should move.

Simon Bounce

Another fun way to play Simon says is on a trampoline. Simon says makes a great trampoline game for kids.

It’s played in the same way as traditional Simon says, except with lots more bouncing and jumping in the commands.

Speed Simon Says

In an attempt to keep the excitement level high, Simon Says demands that players keep up with the leader’s speedy delivery of commands.

Players are expected to react promptly to any given instruction, and a slightest bit of hesitation or incorrect execution can result in elimination from the game.

The pace of the game is so rapid that players have to stay alert and respond rapidly to the leader’s changing calls.

The challenge intensifies with every round, until only the winner remains standing.

Obstacle Course Simon

In this version, a set of obstacles is set up, and Simon must give commands to navigate the obstacles.

For example, “Simon says jump over the hurdle, touch the cone, and crawl under the rope”.

Players must complete all the actions in order to remain in the game.

This works great on a play ground setting.

Myster Simon

In this version, Simon says a phrase instead of a direct command. For instance, Simon could say, “Simon says touch something that starts with the letter B”, and the players must figure out what starts with the letter B and touch it to stay in the game.

Elimination Simon

In this version, the last person to perform an action is eliminated from the game. This rule applies to both Simon’s commands and regular play.

Animal Simon

In this version, Simon gives instructions to move and act like different animals (e.g., Simon says move like a monkey, Simon says slither like a snake, etc.).

Players must follow the animal instructions accurately to stay in the game.

Sensory Simon

Use different textures or objects for players to touch and feel in the Simon Says commands. For example, “Simon Says grab something smooth,” or “Simon Says touch something soft.”

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