Simon Says Ideas (+Free Printable List of Game Commands)

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Looking for some good Simon says ideas? We have a whole list of tons of things you can do during the Simon says game!

simon says ideas

If you’ve ever wanted a game that’s easy and fun for the whole family, look no further than Simon Says.

This classic game requires no equipment and can be played anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re inside or outdoors, at home or on vacation, Simon Says is the perfect way to have fun with your kids!

How to Play Simon Says

Simon Says is a simple and fun game that can be adapted for both children and adults.

Let the fun begin by picking one lucky player to be the all-mighty “Simon”.

Then, all the other players must gather around their leader and prepare for some silly commands!

Simon will call out something like “touch your nose” or “shake like a leaf” and once they’ve said “Simon says…”, it’s go time: everyone has to follow the command.

But beware – if Simon forgets to say “Simon says…” before giving an instruction, anyone who still performed the action is out of the game!

Benefits of the Simon Says Game

simon says game

Simon Says is a fun, engaging game for kids that encourages following instructions, listening skills and motor control.

It also helps to develop problem-solving skills as players must think quickly in order to distinguish between commands from “Simon” and commands without. It also is great for developing body awareness in younger kids.

It helps young kids develop listening skills as they need to listen carefully to the commands too.

Additionally, this game can help improve social skills as it requires kids to take turns and interact with each other.

Lastly, playing Simon Says is a great way to get active and have some friendly competition. After all, children learn best through play!

Variations of the Game

There are many different ways to play the game of Simon Says.

And it can be played outdoors if you have the space. But it’s also a great indoor activity for a cold or rainy day inside the classroom.

For example, you can alter the commands to incorporate physical movements like running around or hopping on one foot.

You could also add a twist by requiring players to perform a certain number of repetitions for each command.

Additionally, you could adjust the game rules so that only the winner stays in, or that everyone loses if one person fails a command.

Lastly, you can make things more interesting by adding props such as stuffed animals or other objects to use as part of the instructions!

Simon Says Ideas

If you need some Simon says ideas, we’ve got a whole list of commands perfect for kids to get moving and follow directions.

  1. Simon says clap your hands
  2. Simon says touch your toes
  3. Simon says jump up and down
  4. Simon says spin around in a circle
  5. Simon says pat your head
  6. Simon says raise your arms
  7. Simon says hop on one foot
  8. Simon says stand up straight
  9. Simon says run around the room
  10. Simon says put your hands on your hips
  11. Simon says stretch out your arms
  12. Simon says rub your tummy
  13. Simon says slide across the floor like a snake
  14. Simon says squat down low
  15. Simon says make a silly face
  16. Simon says laugh out loud
  17. Simon says spin around twice
  18. Simon says pretend to be an airplane
  19. Simon says squeeze your eyes shut tight
  20. Simon says shake your shoulders
  21. Simon says stomp five times
  22. Simon says point to the sky
  23. Simon says wiggle like a worm
  24. Simon says stick out you tongue
  25. Simon says click your heels together
  26. Simon says swing both arms in circles
  27. Simon says nod yes
  28. Simon says shake your head no
  29. Simon says slither like a snake
  30. Simon says freeze and hold still
  31. Simon says pretend you’re swimming
  32. Simon says give yourself a high five
  33. Simon says act like a robot
  34. Simon says make a funny noise
  35. Simon says pretend you are sleeping
  36. Simon say turn around once
  37. Simon says grab something
  38. Simon says twirl
  39. Simon says reach for the clouds
  40. Simon says hug someone
  41. Simon says hold your breath
  42. Simon says make an angry face
  43. Simon says march in place
  44. Simon says bend over backwards
  45. Simon says pretend to be a tree
  46. Simon says pretend to fly like a bird
  47. Simon says tap three times on the floor
  48. Simon says to reach for the stars
  49. Simon says look up and smile
  50. Simon says to take two steps forward
  51. Simon says to balance on one foot
  52. Simon says make an x with your arms
  53. Simon says bend down and touch your toes
  54. Simon says move in slow motion
  55. Simon says flap your arms like wings
  56. Simon says sing a song
  57. Simon says be quiet as a mouse
  58. Simon says snap your fingers
  59. Simon says blow kisses
  60. Simon says roll on the floor
  61. Simon says do push-ups
  62. Simon says act like a puppy
  63. Simon says whistle
  64. Simon says act like your favorite animal
  65. Simon says stand on your tip toes

Grab the Free Printable Simon Says Ideas List

simon says ideas

To make the game easier on you, make sure to grab our free printable simon says list of commands.

These ideas will help you to get playing quickly, without having to come up with all of the ideas yourself.

This is for personal or educational use only please. Not for commercial use. Thank you!

All of these Simon Says commands are fun and exciting ways to get people moving.

They can be used to add a bit of energy and excitement to any gathering or event.

It’s also a great way for children to learn how to follow instructions and have fun at the same time!

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