Free Printable Circle Templates (In all sorts of sizes!)

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Looking for some circle templates and outlines for your next craft project? We’ve got every size circle you could need!

free printable circle templates

We’ve got lots of great printable templates perfect for crafts and activities.

And one of the most requested templates I’ve gotten has been a template for circles!

And be sure to check out our other shapes like our heart templates and star templates.

Uses for Circle Outlines

These circle outlines are great for all sorts of craft projects and classroom activities.

You can use these blank circles for nearly anything! They make great printable circle stencils.

Or you can use the free circle outlines as printable circle templates.

You can use them for arts and craft projects. To help kids learn about circle shapes, about size differences and order.

Or print them on colored paper and use the to decorate bulletin boards or fill a blank wall.

With these perfect circles the possibilities are endless!

Downloading the Templates

To grab the free printable circle templates, simply click the link below the photo of the circles templates you’d like to download.

It should open up a page in a new tab in pdf format.

Then print the PDF files and you’ll have lots of circles ready to go!

These templates are for personal use or educational use only. Not for commercial use.

Circle Templates by Size

For those who need a specific size, we’ve organized these circle outlines by size starting from largest to smallest.

9We’ve got lots of different sizes!

You can grab exactly the size you need and download the template.

8 Inch Circle Template

8 inch circle template

We have a super large circle template here with the 8 in circle template.

It takes up nearly a whole sheet of paper, so it’s the biggest circle you can get on one sheet of standard printer paper.

You can grab the free printable circle outline here: 8 Inch Circle Template

7 Inch Circle Template

7 inch circle template

Next, we have an extra large circle shape here with the 7 inch circle template.

You can grab the free printable circle outline here: 7 inch circle template

6 Inch Circle Template

6 inch circle template

Our next free circle printable is the 6 inch circle template.

You can grab the 6 inch template here.

5 Inch Circle Template

5 inch circle template

If you are looking for a medium size circle, we’ve got a 5 in circle template you can grab.

Get the 5 inch circle template here.

4 Inch Circle Template

Now that we’ve gotten to some smaller circles, we’ve got 4 inch circle templates as well.

We created 2 printable circle outlines for the smaller templates. You can choose from just a single circle per printable PDF file.

Or you can print several of the blank circles at once.

Grab the single 4 inch circle template here.

You can grab the multiple 4 inch size circles printable here.

3 Inch Circle Template

Next on the list of free printable circle templates we have our 3 inch circle templates.

You can grab the single 3 inch circle template here.

You can grab the multiple 3 inch printable circles here.

2 Inch Circle Template

Next, we have very small circles! These 2 inch circle outlines are great for smaller craft projects, or for creating polka dots!

You can grab the 2 inch circle template here.

You can grab the multiple 2 inch circle printables here.

1 Inch Circle Template

Finally, our smallest circle templates features 1 inch circle outlines.

You can grab a single, 1 inch circle template here.

Or grab several of the 1 inch circle cut outs here.

Circle Outlines Template

For our next circle template, we have this with multiple circles on one page.

We created a version that has the size of the circles on the page, and one with only the blank circle outlines.

Grab the measured multiple circle template here.

You can grab the blank multi sized circles here.

circle template
circle outlines

If you’re looking for more basic shaped template printables we also have heart shaped templates and star templates!

Are you using these circle templates in a creative way? Let us know in the comments what you plan on doing with them to give ideas to others!

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