Super Cute Sunday School Christmas Crafts

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We love all sorts of Christmas crafts around here, and these Sunday school Christmas crafts are perfect for a Sunday school class.

easy sunday school christmas crafts for kids

We’ve got quite a few adorable nativity crafts for kids. These crafts help remind us about the original Christmas story.

So we’ve rounded them all up in one place in case you need some ideas for fun Sunday school Christmas crafts!

These are all easy Christmas crafts that include lots of different nativity scenes and center around christ’s birth. These are perfect for younger children and preschoolers.

Mary & Baby Jesus Paper Ornament Craft

Mary and Baby jesus craft ornament for kids

This Mary and Baby Jesus Paper Ornament Craft is a surprisingly easy craft for kids to make.

With just a couple pieces of paper, you can easily create a few of these adorable little ornaments.

Baby Jesus looks so sweet snuggled up in Mary’s arms.

What a wonderful way to celebrate baby Jesus’s birth and would be adorable hung up on the Christmas tree.

It’s a sweet Christmas craft for Sunday School that younger kids will definitely enjoy.

Nativity Wreath

cute nativity wreath craft

This adorable little nativity wreath craft would be a fantastic Sunday School nativity craft for older kids.

The wreath is really easy to make especially if you use our printable template for the nativity scene.

Simply cut out all the felt pieces of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, create your wreath and assemble the pieces together.

You could also cut the pieces out of paper instead of felt if you want to simplify it.

These would be adorable all lined up together, but a fun craft to take home and decorate their own door with.

Plus kids love creating their own little nativity scenes, so this will be a winner for sure!

Crumpled Paper Nativity Craft for Preschoolers

baby jesus nativity craft for preschoolers

This Nativity Craft for Preschoolers is another fun nativity scene craft perfect for the younger kids.

The nativity scene is created almost exclusively from crumpled paper and makes an adorable star shape the kids will love.

Of course, within that star is Joseph, Mother Mary and baby Jesus.

The craft itself is a great sensory activity and allows even young children to create an awesome looking scene of our favorite Christmas family.

Easy Heart Nativity Craft for Kids

Nativity craft for kids heart

This adorable but easy nativity craft for kids is made from a heart!

Simply download the printable template and either color in all the pieces, or trace and cut them out onto color craft paper or cardstock.

Then assemble mother mary, joseph and baby Jesus to create an adorable nativity scene, perfect for celebrating Christmas.

The family all together forms a seriously cute heart shape. It would make a cute ornament or be perfect to glue down to a handmade card.

It’s a great Christian based Christmas craft for kids.

Cupcake Liner Manger Craft for Kids

Manger craft with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

This adorable little manger craft for kids is a cute and easy way to celebrate the Christmas season!

Just download our printable manger template and add a few cupcake liners and you’re good to go!

Younger kids will have a blast making the manger, setting up the nativity scene and wrapping up baby Jesus in a special little cupcake liner blanket!

Paper Shape Nativity Craft

This adorable paper shapes activity is a perfect preschool nativity craft. Use our template to cut out the paper shapes and let kids recreate the nativity scene using construction paper. It’s a fun and easy activity perfect for celebrating Christmas for younger kids.

Printable Nativity Scene

nativity scene craft for sunday school

This adorable DIY printable nativity scene is another easy Christmas craft for kids.

My kids love nativity scene crafts and this one is so much fun.

Print out the nativity characters, color them in and form the paper dolls.

It includes all the classic Christmas characters, like Mother Mary, baby Jesus and the wise men too.

It even includes the sheep and donkey! It’s perfect to use while talking about the nativity story,

Sock Baby Jesus Craft

baby jesus doll made from socks

This cute sock baby Jesus craft is another adorable little Jesus craft.

These are no-sew and perfect for preschoolers.

They get to make their own sweet baby Jesus doll they can take home and take care of.

You could even turn them into Christmas ornaments.

Baby Jesus Craft

kids craft with baby jesus

Another fun Sunday school Christmas craft is this baby Jesus craft.

It’s a simple and good looking craft that’s Christ centered.

Graham Cracker Nativity Scene

Sunday school nativity craft

This graham cracker nativity scene craft is made from yummy treats.

It’s much like a ginger bread house, but with baby Jesus. The way that they got creative with the whole scene is just amazing!

They included gum drops and roll ups for the bodies, animal crackers for the… well animals, and tiny candy canes for the angels wings.

I could see kids having tons of fun creating their own nativity scenes from edible goods.

Baby Jesus in the Manger Craft

sunday school baby jesus in a manger bed craft for kids

This adorable baby Jesus craft features baby Jesus in a cozy manger bed made from yarn.

I love that this craft is great for younger kids. You print out the free printable at Messy Little Monster and then cut baby Jesus out.

Then you prep your paper plate to make his bed and the bright star from which shines it’s light.

It’s a great way to practice hand eye coordination and makes an impressive looking craft for the kids to bring home as Christmas decorations.

DIY Nativity Scene Ornament

This DIY Nativity Ornament is just to stinking cute!

It’s made from cinnamon sticks, twine, peanuts and some felt!

The kids would have a blast creating these little nativity ornaments to take home and put on their Christmas tree.

I love the bright colors added in with the natural browns from the peanuts and cinnamon.

It’s a cute, yet fun way to capture the birth of Jesus that kids will just adore.

Baby Jesus Card Sunday School Christmas Craft

Another super cute idea for younger kids. Making a baby Jesus Christmas card.

This card features baby Jesus, asleep in his bed, centered onto a big bright yellow star.

Kids will love creating this craft and giving the card to a loved one or decorating the Christmas mantle with it.

They could even write their favorite verses from the bible inside the card.

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