Fun Manger Craft for Kids

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Today we are making a super cute manger craft! It’s a great craft for kids, especially during the Christmas season. And talk about an easy craft idea for kids!

Christmas manger craft

This manger craft is so easy! It’s made from our free printable template plus a few cupcake liners!

Preschoolers and younger kids will love this sweet Jesus based Christmas craft.

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But today, we’ll show you how to make this adorable little manger nativity scene using the cupcake liners!

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Supplies Needed for the Kids Manger Craft

The supplies for this craft are super simple! You probably already have most of them.

If you don’t have the cardstock, plain white paper will work. The template is what you’ll build your manger on, so it may help to glue it onto thin cardboard to make it sturdier.

But it’s not a must.

To recreate this fun manger, you’ll need:

  • Our printable cupcake liner manger craft template (grab it in our free printable library)
  • White cardstock or plain white paper
  • Cupcake liners in green, light blue, yellow, orange and tin foil
  • Markers in yellow, brown and black
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Make sure to grab the free craft template in our printable library.

supplies for manger craft for kids

How to Make the Manger Craft

Start by printing out our manger craft template onto the cardstock, or white paper.

If using plain white paper, glue the template onto a thin piece of cardboard like the back of a cereal box.

The cut along the bottom line of the template to create a square manger scene.

Cut out all 3 circles as well. These will be the faces of Mother Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph.

cutting out pieces of manger craft printable template

Next, take your markers and color the pieces of the manger.

We used yellow for the star and brown for the bottom of the manger.

Then draw faces on each of the circles, one for each member of the nativity scene:

  • One for Mother Mary
  • One for Joseph
  • And one for baby Jesus
coloring the star of the manger craft for christmas

Now, to make the manger, take an orange and yellow cupcake liner and fold them both in half.

Cut slits all along the bottom of the yellow liner to make it look like straw.

cutting up cupcake liners

Then glue the yellow liner over the orange one.

This will be the manger bed.

manger craft cutting up cupcake liners

Next, we’ll start making Mother Mary and Jospeh.

Grab the blue and green cupcake liners. Fold the top edge down slightly, and then fold each side of the liner toward the centere, to make their bodies, like shown below.

creating mary and joseph

Then glue Mother Mary’s face onto the blue cupcake liner, and Jospehs face onto the green liner.

Mary and Joseph craft using cupcake liners

Now, grab the tin foil cupcake liner and fold the top and bottom toward the center and glue Baby Jesus’s head at the top, like shown below.

making baby jesus for manger craft

Fold up the sides toward the middle to wrap baby Jesus up tight!

manger craft

He’s just too cute!

Now glue down Mother Mary and Joseph on each side of the star template.

Then glue the yellow manger bed so it rests on the manger legs. (The two brown rectangles.)

Finally, Baby Jesus can be glued into the manger.

cute manger craft for kids

Now your manger craft is all finished! Doesn’t baby Jesus look so peaceful resting in his bed.

Kids will have tons of fun with this sweet Christmas craft.

Plus is so easy and fun! Even younger kids will have a blast.

baby jesus closeup of manger craft
Manger craft finished

Grab the Printable Template

To grab the free printable nativity template, put your email in the box below.

We’ll send it straight to your inbox!

This is for personal or classroom use only please! Not for commercial use. Thank you!

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