Grinchy Christmas Sensory Bottle

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Today we are making a fun little sensory bottle with a cute Grinch twist! It’s so easy and the kids will love it!

how to make a Grinch sensory bottle

To make this adorable little Grinch craft is so simple.

All you really need is a few basic supplies for creating a glitter sensory bottle, fill it up, glue the cap on and your good to go!

It’s perfect for keeping your little one calm and collected with things get rough.

Or simply to keep busy during down time.

Here’s our step by step tutorial so you can make one this Christmas season too!

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Supplies Needed for this Grinch Sensory Bottle

To make this sensory bottle grinch themed, we simply filled it with green glitter and bobbles and a few big red hearts!

Here’s what we used:

supplies for a glitter grinch sensory bottle

Of course, you can get as creative with the fillers as you like! You don’t have to use the grinch themed items we used.

Getting creative and finding items are the house that will work, is perfect for this craft!

I do, however, suggest using Elmer’s glue. I have no idea why, but Elmer’s glue works so much better with slime and sensory bottles!

How to Make a Grinch Themed Sensory Bottle

To make this simple sensory bottle, follow along with these instructions:

Start by emptying one of the Elmer’s glue bottles into the bottom of your sensory jar.

making a sensory bottle

Now pour some warm water into the Elmer’s glue bottle and seal on the lid.

Shake any remaining glue to mix with the water. (No waste here!)

Them pour this into the bottle with your glue and shake well to combine.

Now you can start adding in your glue and toys or baubles into your sensory jar.

making a sensory bottle for christmast

Now seal the sensory bottle and shake well. If the glitter and confetti don’t move easily you can add more warm water.

If they move too quickly, you can add more glue.

Keep adding in layers of glue, water and more glitter and toys until your sensory bottle is full and functioning how you like.

If this is for younger kids, I suggest gluing the lid on to avoid spilling.

pretty grinch sensory bottle

Isn’t it just captivating!

My kids are seriously in love with all sensory bottles. And this Grinch one is no different!

Christmas glitter sensory bottle
Grinch sensory bottle
pretty grinch sensory bottle

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