Printable Mittens Craft (With Free Templates)

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Get ready for some winter fun with our printable mittens craft! This easy and creative cut and paste craft is perfect for keeping little hands busy. With a simple mitten template and fun design options, kids can unleash their creativity and design their own unique mittens.

Printable mittens craft.

As the cold weather sets in, it’s the perfect time to introduce your kids to a cozy and creative craft.

Our cut and paste mittens craft is not only a blast to make but also help in developing fine motor skills and color recognition. Ideal for a winter-themed activity, this craft is a hit for classroom projects or a fun weekend activity at home.

It also makes a great coloring activity. We also have lots of blank mitten templates in all sorts of sizes if you’re looking for more mitten craft ideas.

This craft will also pair well with our winter preschool worksheets. Which have cute winter clothes activities.

Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Easy to Follow: With simple instructions, even the littlest crafters can join in.
  • Boosts Creativity: Mix and match designs allow kids to create something truly unique.
  • Educational Value: Enhances fine motor skills and color recognition.
  • Perfect for All Ages: Suitable for a wide range of ages, making it great for siblings to do together.


  • Mitten Template: A simple outline of a mitten to get you started.
  • Design Pages: Four pages filled with fun and intresting designs to decorate the mittens.
  • Scissors: For cutting out the designs.
  • Glue: To stick the designs onto the mitten template.
  • Coloring Supplies: Crayons, markers, or colored pencils for personalizing the designs.

The Mittens Printable

Our printable mittens craft comes with 5 pages. All in black and white so great for printing lots of copies!

The first page is of the mittens template itself. Two blank mittens perfect for designing your own creation.

Then we have the design piece pages. You can cut out a design for the base of the mittens and for the cuffs.

Printable mittens craft.

Then there are the closure designs, for the end of the mittens. And decoration pieces if you want to add extra designs to the mittens.

Printable mittens craft.


Print the Mitten Template and Design Pages: Start by printing out the mitten template and the design pages. Our free printable comes with 5 pages in one PDF file. Just download and print!

Color the Designs: Let your kids color the designs on the design pages as they like.

Cut Out the Designs: Carefully cut out the colored designs.

Paste onto the Mitten: Apply glue to the back of the designs and paste them onto the mitten template.

Let Dry and Display: Allow some time for the mittens to dry before showing off your child’s creation.

Top Tips

  • Personalize It: Encourage kids to add their personal touch, like glitter or stickers.
  • Make a Pair: Create two mittens and string them together for a cute wall hanging.
  • Theme It Up: Use the craft for different themes like Christmas or Valentine’s Day by choosing appropriate colors and designs.
  • Recycle and Reuse: Feel free to use scrap paper or old magazines for an eco-friendly twist.

Educational Enhancement Ideas:

Color and Pattern Recognition: Incorporate a game where children sort the cut-out designs by color or pattern. This activity sharpens their ability to recognize and categorize colors and patterns, a key skill in early development.

Basic Math Concepts: Introduce counting and simple mathematics by having kids count the number of pieces used or arrange them in mathematical sequences. This approach makes learning basic math concepts like addition and sequencing fun and interactive.

Narrative Skills and Storytelling: Encourage children to create stories about their mittens, such as where they might be worn or who would wear them. This activity fosters narrative skills and storytelling, enhancing their creativity and language development.

Cultural Awareness Through Design: Use the mitten craft to explore winter clothing from different cultures. Have children design their mittens inspired by these cultural themes, promoting an appreciation and awareness of global diversity.

Science of Winter Clothing: Pair the craft with a lesson on the science behind why mittens keep us warm in the winter. This integration of craft and science makes learning about weather and insulation more engaging and relatable.

Teamwork and Social Skills: Organize a group activity to create a mitten garland, where kids collaborate on a theme or design. This not only fosters teamwork but also enhances social and communication skills.

Fine Motor Skills and Healthy Competition: Set up a relay race involving cutting, pasting, and hanging mittens. This activity promotes fine motor skill development while introducing a healthy and fun competitive element.

Sensory Exploration: Offer various textures like fabric, sandpaper, or foil for decorating the mittens. Engaging different senses, this activity enhances sensory awareness and encourages tactile exploration.

Grab the Free Printable:

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This cut and paste mittens craft is a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon indoors.

It’s simple, fun, and offers a great opportunity for kids to show off their artistic skills. Perfect for both parents and teachers, this craft is sure to become a winter favorite!

Printable mittens craft.

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