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Printable Frida Kahlo Art Project (Free Template)

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Dive into a creative adventure with our Frida Kahlo art project! This craft is a fun and interactive way for kids to explore art and history. With easy-to-use templates, children can create their own colorful rendition of Frida Kahlo’s iconic look, perfect for art lessons or just a rainy day activity.

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.

Art meets history in this engaging Frida Kahlo craft project! Ideal for kids of all ages, this activity combines creativity with learning.

It’s a great way to help children develop fine motor skills and an appreciation for art and culture.

Whether it’s for Hispanic Heritage Month, a history project, or just for fun, this craft is a wonderful addition to any classroom or home.

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Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Educational and Fun: Combines art history with hands-on creativity.
  • Customizable: Kids can paint or color in their unique style.
  • Easy to Use: Simple cut and paste method perfect for all skill levels.
  • Printer-Friendly: Black and white pages make it easy to print and go.


Template: You can grab our 8 page template down below. It includes face, frame, accessories like necklaces and earrings.

Coloring Supplies: Crayons, markers, or paints to bring the portrait to life.

Scissors and Glue: For cutting and pasting the pieces.

Extras: Glitter, sequins, or fabric scraps for additional decoration (optional).

The Printable

The printable comes with 8 pages on one PDF file. You’ll get the frame which is the base for the art project.

You’ll also get the pieces to put her face and hair together.

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.

There are two pages of jewelry, so you can pick which necklace she should wear along and which set of earrings.

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.

You’ll also get 3 pages of fun nature accessories to decorate Frida with.

Leaves, butterflies and flowers!

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.

We include an example page of what Frida might look like. Of course based on which decorations the kids decide to use and how they color her in will drastically change the look and feel of their art project.

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.


Print the Templates: Start by printing the out the black and white pages. We include a full color version of what Frida might look like, but you can skip that page and just print out the printer friendly ones if you need to save on ink.

Color and Paint: Let the kids color or paint the face, accessories, and decorations.

Cut Out the Pieces: Carefully cut around the face and accessories.

Assemble the Portrait: Use glue to paste the face onto the frame and then add accessories.

Decorate: Add any extra decorations like flowers, butterflies, or leaves.

Display: Find the perfect spot to showcase your child’s Frida Kahlo masterpiece!

Top Tips

  • Mix Media: Encourage kids to use a mix of paints, crayons, and markers.
  • Layer the Accessories: Create a 3D effect by layering the necklaces and earrings.
  • Use Backgrounds: Paste the final portrait on colored construction paper for a vibrant background.
  • Make it a Group Activity: Great for siblings or classroom projects where each child can contribute.

Educational Enhancements & Uses

For Teachers:

  1. Art History Integration: Use this project as an introduction to Frida Kahlo and her impact on the art world. Discuss her style, themes, and how she influenced future artists.
  2. Cultural Studies: Incorporate this craft into lessons about Mexican culture and history. Explore topics like traditional Mexican attire and symbolism in Kahlo’s paintings.
  3. Language Arts Connection: Encourage students to write a short story or poem from the perspective of Frida Kahlo, blending art with creative writing.
  4. Group Projects: Assign different parts of the craft to groups, fostering teamwork and collaboration. Each group can present their contribution to the class.
  5. Art Show: Host a classroom art show featuring the completed Frida Kahlo portraits. Allow students to explain their artistic choices and what they learned.

For Parents:

  1. Interactive Story Time: Read a children’s book about Frida Kahlo while your child works on the craft. Discuss the story and how it relates to the art they are creating.
  2. Personal Expression: Encourage your child to express themselves through their version of the portrait. Discuss how art can be a form of self-expression.
  3. Creative Play: Use the finished craft for creative play. Kids can make up stories or use the portraits as characters in a play they create.
  4. Family Learning Activity: Turn the craft into a family activity. Each family member can create their own portrait and then share what they know or have learned about Frida Kahlo.
  5. Art Appreciation Day: Dedicate a day to art and culture. Visit a local museum (virtually or in person), create the craft, and then discuss different artists and art forms.

By incorporating these ideas, the Frida Kahlo craft becomes more than just an art project; it’s a comprehensive learning experience that blends creativity, culture, and education.

Grab the Free Printable

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We’ll also keep you updated on our latest free printables. Remember, this is for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use.

We hope you and your little artists enjoy creating your very own Frida Kahlo portraits. This craft is more than just a fun activity; it’s a doorway into the world of art and culture. We can’t wait to see the vibrant and unique creations that come from this project. Happy crafting!

Printable Frida Kahlo art project template.

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