Printable Tooth Fairy Letters (Lots of cute free printables!)

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Looking for a cute free printable tooth fairy letter to leave for your freshly toothless kiddo? These ones are just too adorable.

tooth fairy letters

The tooth fairy is a magical figure that brings joy to children who have lost their baby teeth.

As kids start losing their baby teeth, it’s time for parents to help keep the magic alive.

We have just the thing you need – a tooth fairy letter that your child can open in the morning after they lose their tooth! 

And make sure to grab some of our other tooth fairy printables like our tooth fairy coloring pages.

Our Printable Tooth Fairy Letters

printable tooth fairy letter

This special letter from the tooth fairy will let your child know how proud the tooth fairy is of them for taking such good care of their teeth.

It’s written in a fun and friendly way that will delight any child. And, because it’s free, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on something special for your little one. 

We have several versions of the letter that you can grab and print out. We took a few things into consideration when making these tooth fairy letters.

We wanted them friendly for all kids and you can use these whether they’re loosing their very first tooth or they’re used to loosing teeth.

Here are our letters that you can grab.

Adorable Tooth Fairy Letters

The first few are bright and colorful and include different versions of a cute tooth fairy.

We have 2 with girl tooth fairies and two with boy tooth fairies, that way you can choose the fairy you think would be perfect for your child.

girl tooth fairy letters
boy tooth fairy letters

Our prewritten letter from the tooth fairy reads as follows:

Greetings my little fairy friend,

You have worked so hard to keep your teeth clean and sparkly, and I am pleased to say that it has paid off! Your tooth was just perfect for me. I could see how much care you put into brushing your teeth! As a reward for all your hard work, I’m sending you a special surprise. Be sure to look for it. That’s what happens when the Tooth Fairy visits! Enjoy your day and don’t forget to keep brushing twice a day!

Love, the tooth fairy.

Blank Tooth Fairy Letter Templates

We also included blank templates of these tooth fairy letters.

That way you can write your own handwritten letter from the tooth fairy saying exactly what you want, while still having an adorable letter with cute fairies on it.

blank tooth fairy letter templates
blank tooth fairy letter templates

Printer Friendly Letters

We also created versions similar to the letters above but made them on half a sheet of paper.

This makes them more printer-friendly, in case you’re low on ink.

They can be either cut in half or folded and turned into a cute little card.

printer friendly tooth fairy letters

No matter which letter you use, leaving your child a letter from the tooth fairy is one of our favorite last-minute tooth fairy ideas.

It definitely adds a little more magic and leaves your child feeling special. It also encourages them to keep brushing their teeth!

Also, we included a cute envelope template in case you want to put your tooth fairy letter in a cute stamped envelope.

tooth fairy letter envelope

Of course, as per tooth fairy tradition, be sure to leave them a small surprise or token from the tooth fairy themselves under your child’s pillow or next to their bed.

Grab the Free Printable Letters

To grab all of our printable tooth fairy letters, put your email in the box below.

We’ll send all of the versions straight to your inbox. You can then pick your favorite one to print out and leave in exchange for your child’s baby teeth.

This is for personal use only, not for commercial use. Thank you!

To print just one, go to the print settings after you download the PDF file. Then just select the page number of the letter you want under the “print pages” option.

Now it’s your turn! What are some of your favorite tooth fairy traditions?

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