Elephant Craft Template (Cut & Paste Craft)

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Today we have this printable elephant craft template. It’s a cut and paste elephant craft perfect for preschoolers and younger kids.

Elephant craft template.

Looking for a fun and educational activity for kids? Our free printable cut and paste elephant craft is perfect!

Not only does this paper elephant craft spark creativity as kids color their elephant, but it also helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Ideal for a range of occasions, from rainy days at home to classroom activities, this craft is sure to delight children of all ages.

Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Enhances fine motor skills through coloring and cutting.
  • Fosters creativity and imagination in kids.
  • Perfect for a wide range of ages and skill levels.
  • Great for both individual and group activities.

The Printable Elephant Template

Printable elephant template.

Our super cute elephant craft template includes a printer friendly, black and white page of elephant pieces. It’s perfect to use as a coloring page, an elephant cut out template, then a cut and paste elephant craft.

You can pair it with our prinatble letter E, and create a E is for Elephant craft!


Printable Elephant Template: A simple, easy-to-follow design, you can grab the free printable at the end of this post.

Crayons/Markers: For coloring the elephant. Feel free to use paints for a messier, fun alternative!

Scissors: Child-friendly scissors are perfect for little hands.

Glue: Stick the pieces together or onto construction paper. You can use a glue stick or good old fashioned Elmers glue.

Construction Paper (optional): For a more durable craft or a different background.


Cut and paste elephant craft template.

Print the Elephant Template: Start by printing the elephant craft template on white paper.

Color the Elephant: Let the kids use their creativity to color in the elephant. Encourage them to experiment with different colors and patterns using crayons, markers, or even watercolors for a unique touch.

Cut Out the Pieces: Using safety scissors, carefully cut out the elephant parts along the printed lines. Younger children may need assistance with this step to ensure safety and accuracy.

Assemble the Elephant: Once all pieces are cut, lay them out on a flat surface. Guide the children to arrange the pieces correctly to form their elephant. This is a great time to talk about the different parts of the elephant.

Glue the Pieces Together: Use glue to stick the pieces together. For a different approach, the pieces can also be pasted onto a piece of construction paper to create a colorful background.

Let it Dry: After gluing, allow sufficient time for the craft to dry. This prevents any parts from moving or coming apart.

Display Your Craft: Once dry, display the elephant craft in your home or classroom. Celebrate the children’s effort and creativity!

Top Tips

  • Encourage kids to be creative with their color choices.
  • For younger children, assist with the cutting or use pre-cut pieces.
  • Use the craft for storytelling or as a puppet for extra fun.
  • Display the finished craft in a special place to boost your child’s confidence.

Creative Uses and Teaching Opportunities

Storytelling Aid: Use the completed elephant craft as a prop for storytelling. This can introduce children to stories from different cultures that feature elephants.

Color Exploration: While coloring the elephant, teach children about different colors and encourage them to mix colors, fostering an understanding of primary and secondary colors.

Geography Lesson: Incorporate a lesson about the natural habitats of elephants, discussing different continents and countries where elephants are found.

Biology Learning: Use this craft to teach about the anatomy of an elephant. Discuss the function of their trunk, ears, and tusks.

Environmental Awareness: This craft can be a springboard to discuss conservation issues related to elephants and the importance of protecting wildlife.

Math Skills: Introduce basic counting and pattern recognition by counting the pieces, discussing shapes, and creating patterns with the colors.

Sensory Play: For a tactile experience, encourage the use of different materials like cotton balls for the body or yarn for the tail.

Group Project: Make a large-scale version of the elephant by printing larger pieces and working as a group. This promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Cultural Exploration: Pair the craft with a lesson on different cultures that revere elephants, exploring their significance in various societies.

Grab the Free Printable Elephant Template

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This template is for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. Thanks for understanding!

We hope you and your little ones enjoy making this adorable elephant craft.

It’s a fantastic way to spend quality time together while learning and having fun.

Free printable elephant craft.

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