Kangaroo Craft Template (Free Cut & Paste Printable)

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Today’s craft is this cute kangaroo craft template, perfect for little hands and big imaginations. This free kangaroo printable lets kids color, cut, and assemble their own kangaroo. This is especially great for preschoolers and younger kids.

Free printable Kangaroo craft templates.

Get ready for some creative fun with our kangaroo cut and paste craft! This activity is not only enjoyable but also great for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity in children.

Ideal for any day of the year, it’s especially perfect for animal themes in classrooms or just a fun weekend project at home.

Why You’ll Love This Craft:

  • Easy and Accessible: Requires simple materials you probably already have at home.
  • Educational Fun: Helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creativity.
  • Customizable: Kids can color their kangaroo in their favorite colors.
  • Perfect for All Ages: Enjoyable for both younger and older children.


  • Kangaroo Template: Featuring all the kangaroo parts. You can grab it for free at the end of this post.
  • Scissors: To cut out the kangaroo pieces. Safety scissors are perfect for younger crafters.
  • Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils: For coloring the kangaroo.
  • Glue: For pasting the pieces together or onto construction paper.

The Kangaroo Printable

Black and white kangaroo craft template.

Our printable kangaroo craft templates come in 2 version. We have a black and white version, which is printer friendly and works great as a coloring page.

Full color Kangaroo craft template.

We also have a full colored version for a super easy, cut and paste craft.

You can print it on regular paper, or for extra stability, print it out on cardstock.


Printable Kangaroo cut and paste craft.

Prepare Your Workspace: Choose a clean, flat surface to work on. Spread out the materials, ensuring the printable, crayons or markers, scissors, and glue are within easy reach.

Color the Kangaroo: If using the black and white version, encourage children to color their kangaroo however they like. This is a great opportunity for them to express their creativity. Discuss different colors and patterns they might use.

Cutting Out the Pieces: Carefully cut along the outlines of the kangaroo parts. For younger children, it’s important to supervise or assist with this step to ensure safety.

Sorting and Arranging: Once all the pieces are cut out, help the children identify each part of the kangaroo. Arrange them on the table to form the shape of a kangaroo before gluing.

Gluing the Pieces: Glue the pieces together. Alternatively, you can glue the pieces onto a piece of construction paper for a more stable creation.

Final Touches: After the kangaroo is assembled, children can add additional decorations if desired, such as a background or other craft materials to enhance their creations.

Top Tips

  • Test Scissors First: Ensure the scissors are easy for kids to use.
  • Guide Younger Kids: Assist younger children with cutting and pasting.
  • Get Creative: Encourage kids to add their own artistic touches.
  • Display Their Work: Hang up the finished craft to admire.

*Printing Tip: Our template comes with 2 pages on one PDF file. If you only want to print one version of the craft, select the page you want to print in printer settings. This will save you paper and ink!

Fun Ways to Use the Craft:

  • Storytelling Aid: Use the kangaroo craft as a character in a story. Children can create their own tales about where the kangaroo lives and its adventures.
  • Classroom Display: Hang the finished kangaroos in the classroom to create an Australian-themed display.
  • Puppet Show: Attach a craft stick to the back to turn the kangaroo into a puppet for imaginative play or puppet shows.
  • Family Activity: Make different-sized kangaroos to represent each family member, showcasing each person’s unique artistic style.

Educational Opportunities:

  • Geography Lesson: Use the kangaroo craft to introduce lessons about Australia, its wildlife, and habitats.
  • Color Recognition and Mixing: Discuss primary and secondary colors as children choose how to color their kangaroo.
  • Fine Motor Skills Development: Cutting and gluing the pieces helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.
  • Cultural Awareness: Talk about the significance of kangaroos in Australian culture and wildlife conservation efforts.
  • Science of Animals: Discuss the unique characteristics of kangaroos, such as how they hop and care for their young in pouches.

Grab the Free Printable

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Remember, this is for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial purposes. Thanks for crafting with us!

This kangaroo craft is a fantastic way to engage kids in a creative and educational activity. It’s simple enough for a wide range of ages and can be a great addition to any animal-themed project or just for fun at home.

Printable Kangaroo craft.

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