Pin the Horn on the Unicorn (Cute Free Printable)

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Today we’re sharing our free printable pin the horn on the unicorn. A fun twist on the classic Pin the tail on the Donkey game.

pin the horn on the unicorn game

Everyone loves a classic party game, and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” has been a favorite for generations.

It’s a simple yet entertaining activity that brings laughter and friendly competition to any gathering.

Now, we’ve taken this timeless concept and given it a whimsical twist to create an enchanting new game: “Pin the Horn on the Unicorn”!

We also have a cute pin the tail on the bunny game too.

We’re excited to share our delightful adaptation of this beloved game, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your next celebration.

What’s even better is that we’re offering a free printable version of the game, making it easy for you to bring this enchanting activity to life at your upcoming party.

We’ve got lots of fun unicorn printables to check out as well, like our unicorn coloring pages and our unicorn color by numbers.

So, let’s dive into the world of unicorns and discover how to play the fun printable unicorn game.

The Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Printable

Our printable game comes with 2 versions of the main unicorn poster.

The first version says “Pin the horn on the Unicorn” and has a cute unicorn face surrounded by flowers.

pin the horn on the unicorn

The second version is just the unicorn, with no writing. You can use either one you prefer.

free printable pin the horn on the unicorn

The last page of the printable PDF is the individual horns.

horns for the unicorn printable game

Materials Needed

Before you start the magical fun make sure you have the following materials on hand:

Printer and paper: You’ll need a printer to print out our free unicorn poster, as well as the appropriate paper size (we recommend using a heavier paper or cardstock for durability).

Scissors: A pair of scissors will be necessary for cutting out the horns from the printed template.

Blindfold: To keep the game fair and exciting, you’ll need a blindfold to cover each player’s eyes during their turn.

Adhesive: Choose your preferred adhesive, such as tape or sticky tack, to attach the horns to the unicorn during gameplay.

Marker or pen: Lastly, you’ll need a marker or pen to write each player’s name on their designated horn, making it easy to identify the winner at the end of the game.

How to Set Up the Game

Setting up the game is quick and easy, ensuring that you’ll have more time to enjoy the game with your party guests. Just follow these simple steps:

Print the free unicorn template: Download and print our free pin the horn on the unicorn game board, which includes both the unicorn image and the individual horns.

As mentioned earlier, consider using a heavier paper or cardstock for added durability.

Cut out the individual horns: Carefully use scissors to cut out the unicorn along the outline, as well as each of the individual horns.

Be sure to keep the edges smooth for a polished look.

Hang the unicorn on the wall or another flat surface: Choose a suitable spot at your party venue, such as a wall or a door, and hang the unicorn at an appropriate height for the players.

Make sure the surface is flat and the area is clear of any obstacles that could cause players to trip or fall.

How to Play Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

“Pin the Horn on the Unicorn” is an engaging and entertaining game that’s easy to learn, making it perfect for party guests of all ages.

Blindfold and hand a horn to the player: When it’s a player’s turn, blindfold them securely to ensure they can’t see the unicorn.

Then, hand them their horn, which should already have adhesive on the back.

Spin the player around: To add an element of challenge, gently spin the blindfolded player around a few times, making sure they’re slightly disoriented before starting their attempt.

Guide the player to pin the horn: With the player disoriented, encourage them to walk toward the unicorn and try to pin their horn as close as possible to the correct spot (where the horn should be on the unicorn’s head).

Players can use their sense of touch to feel the outline of the unicorn but should avoid feeling for the correct spot.

Determine the winner: Once all players have had a turn, remove the blindfolds and compare the placement of the horns.

The player whose horn is closest to the correct spot on the unicorn is declared the winner!

This simple yet exciting game is sure to bring lots of laughter and enjoyment to your party, as guests cheer each other on and compete for the title of the best unicorn horn pinner!

Grab the Free Printable Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game

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We hope you enjoy the fun free unicorn game!

free printable pin the horn on the unicorn game for kids

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