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Today we have a fun make a monster craft made using our free printable template.

Have kids that daydream about building their very own monster? I’m talking DIY style—where they get to decide what features your quirky, cute, or yes, even kinda weird creature has!

If you’ve got little ones buzzing around, or you’re just a big kid at heart, then you’re going to LOVE today’s project.

We’re diving headfirst into our super-fun build a monster Printable Project.

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Our Build a Monster Printable

make a monster printable craft

This build a monster craft is made using our printable monster templates. It comes with 18 pages, 9 fully colored pages and 9 of the same templates but in printer friendly black and white.

How to Use This Make a Monster Printable

arms and legs of make a monster printable

1. Downloading the Free Monster Template

First up, you’ll want to download our 18-page free monster template. you can grab it below then save it, and then print out those bad boys.

pages from the make a monster printable pack

2. Overview of the Pages

Our monster printable has all the body parts your little monster might need:

  • Body: The main event!
  • Arms: Because who doesn’t want to give hugs?
  • Legs: Running, jumping, or tap dancing, your monster can do it all.
  • Horns & Wings: Unicorns are basically horses with horns, so why limit your monster?
  • Eyes & Mouth: Make a happy monster, a sad monster, or an “I-just-ate-a-lemon” monster.

We’ve made sure to include a colored version and a black and white, printer friendly version that kids can color in themselves and decorate any way they like.

3. Prepping the Crafting Zone

Set out all your supplies on a table or crafting area. Maybe put down some newspaper for easy cleanup. Because, you know, glue and glitter can have a life of their own.

Steps to Make a Monster

monster body shapes of make a monster printable

1. Starting with the Body

Think of the body as the cake layer of your monster. It holds everything else together. Cut it out and place it on your construction paper.

2. Attach Those Limbs

Your monster can have as many arms and legs as you want. This isn’t biology class, it’s Monster University!

wings of make a monster printable game

3. Horns, Wings, or Both?

Remember, we’re building a monster, not a teddy bear. If you want to add horns and wings, go for it! A dragon-meets-unicorn creature? Heck yes!

4. Making Faces

Normally, making faces at people is a no-no, but here, it’s part of the fun! Choose eyes and a mouth to give your monster some personality.

5. Optional Jazz-Up Time

Add glitter, stickers, or even little buttons. Anything goes when you’re the creator of this cute (or ferocious) being.

Tips and Tricks for This Monster Craft

Alright, so you’re ready to dive into this monster craft, but maybe you’re wondering how to make the process as smooth as glue. Let’s dish out some tips:

Order of Operations: Of course you can let the gets get as creative as they want and assemble their monster any way they like. But you can also use this as a good listening and following directions exercise by having the kids go in a specific order.

Go Slow with the Glue: Less is more, especially when it comes to glue. Nobody wants a soggy monster. Plus, it takes ages to dry if you go overboard.

Get Creative with Supplies: You can use our eye templates or grab some giant googly eyes for more fun, how about using a bottle cap or a button? The sky’s the limit, and sometimes the best ideas come from improvisation.

Templates Are Just a Guide: Feel free to resize, overlap, or even combine different elements. Your monster, your rules.

Test the Waters: Before committing with the glue, maybe lay all the pieces out to see how they look. Think of it as a monster dress rehearsal.

Fun with Scissors: If you’re feeling adventurous, you could use zigzag or patterned scissors to cut out your monster pieces for an added oomph!

Grab the Free Make a Monster Printable

Ready to make your own monster? Just pop your name and email address into the pink box below, and we’ll send this fun printable straight to your inbox. Plus, you’ll get updates on all our future crafty endeavors!

Printing Tips

The printable PDF comes with 18 pages total! 9 are black and white and 9 are color.

If you want just the color copies then go to settings and select print for selected pages 1-9. If you are printing the black and white ones, then select pages 10-18. This will save you ink and paper!

Interactive Learning with Your Monster

Monster Puppet Shows: Stick a popsicle stick or a straw to the back of your monster using tape. Pull up a curtain (a towel or blanket will do), and you’ve got a stage! As the kids act out mini-plays, they’re not only having fun but also learning story structure. Plus, it’s a killer way to improve their verbal skills.

DIY Hall of Fame: Visual Sorting & Categories: Here’s an artsy idea: create a “Monsters’ Hall of Fame” on the fridge or a corkboard. As they put up more creations, you can discuss categories like “Monsters with Horns” or “Blue Monsters,” teaching them sorting and classification. Hands up if your kiddo ends up being a future taxonomist!

Monster Story Time: Creative Writing & Imagination: Sitting down to create a story around their monster can be super fun. Is it a cookie-loving creature or a fierce protector of a magical realm? This is an amazing way to encourage creativity, sequencing, and language skills. You can even write the story down and make a homemade book out of it!

Monster Accessories: Fine Motor Skills & Creativity: We’re talking tiny hats, capes, maybe even a little bling? If you’ve got some extra paper, fabric, or even foil, kids can make clothes or accessories for their monsters. This is not just fun, but it also helps improve their fine motor skills. Those tiny hands get some good practice!

Monster Science Lab: If you want to bring in a bit of science, how about a mini “Monster Lab?” Discuss what kind of habitat your monster would live in, what it would eat, and so on. This is a fun way to introduce basic ecology and biology concepts.

make a monster printable

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