Handprint Lion Craft

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Today we are making a fun handprint lion craft! This craft takes the fun of the jungle and puts it right into your home or classroom!

Handprint lion craft.

This handprint craft is a tons of fun for kids and perfect for when learning about jungle animals or lions in general.

This craft is specifically designed to be easy for small hands, making it a great choice for young children eager to create.

If your looking for other fun lion crafts and activities, check out our printable lion craft template where kids can cut and paste their own lions!

Or grab our printable lion mask or lion crown that kids can decorate and wear.

Why You’ll Love This Craft

  • Easy and Accessible: All you need are some basic craft supplies and a little imagination.
  • Educational: Helps in the development of fine motor skills and creativity.
  • Versatile: Great for various themes and occasions, including jungle themes, animal studies, or just for fun.
  • Personalized: Every handprint lion is unique, making this craft a special keepsake.


  • Colored Craft Papers: Choose a variety of colors to make your lion vibrant and fun.
  • Craft Glue: For sticking all your pieces together securely.
  • Pencil: To trace your handprint and the template patterns.
  • Sharpies: To add details and bring your lion to life.
  • A Pair of Scissors: For cutting out the craft paper according to the templates.


Getting Started: First, decide whether you’re going to use your child’s handprint or the provided template. If you’re using a handprint, gently press their hand onto a piece of craft paper and trace around it with a pencil.

This will be the base of your lion. Choose your colored craft papers for the different parts of the lion – think sunny yellows, warm oranges, and maybe a hint of pink.

Lion template pieces.

Cutting Out the Pieces: Next, take the templates for the lion’s face, ears, tail, and belly, and trace them onto your selected craft papers. Carefully cut out these pieces.

Remember, the neater your cuts, the cleaner your final craft will look. If your child is old enough, this can be a great exercise for them to practice their cutting skills under supervision.

Assembling the Face: Then, it’s time to assemble the face. Take the inner ear pieces and glue them onto the larger ear cutouts.

This gives your lion’s ears a nice, two-toned look. For the face, attach the bottom part of the face to the bottom part of the head cutout. This step starts to bring your lion’s character to life.

Assembling face.

Adding the Ears: Now, attach the ear pieces to the top side of the head pattern.

Placing them just right will give your lion a playful or majestic appearance, depending on how you position them.

Assembling face.

Drawing the Face: With a sharpie, carefully draw the face on your lion.

This can include big, bright eyes, a cute nose, and a wide smile. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can add whiskers or even some eyebrows.

This is where your lion really starts to have its own personality.

drawing details on lion face.

Putting it All Together: Attach the head pattern to the handprint cutout, which acts as the lion’s mane.

This is a great moment to talk about how every lion’s mane is unique, just like our fingerprints.

Handprint lion mane attached to lion head.

The Tail and Belly: Next, attach the tail tip to the tail cutout and then the belly cutout to the lower body.

Assembling body.

Final Touches: Finally, attach the head to the top side of the lower body pattern.

Then, add the tail to one side of the body and the paws at the bottom. Your lion is almost ready to roar!

Assembling lion.

Finishing Up: Finally, attach the paws to the bottom of the lion’s belly. Then draw details like toes on the lions paws!

Handprint lion craft.

Now, step back and admire your work. You’ve just created a unique handprint lion with your child.

Handprint lion craft.
Handprint lion craft.

Remember, each step of this craft is an opportunity for creativity and learning.

Encourage your child to make choices about colors and textures, and talk about lions and their habitats as you work together.

This craft is not just about the final product, it’s about the fun and learning that happens along the way.

And when your finished making your lion, be sure to give him an awesome lion name!

Top Tips

  • Personalize Your Lion: Use a variety of colors and patterns to make your lion unique.
  • Let Kids Be Creative: Encourage kids to add their own touches, like drawings or additional decorations.
  • Make it a Learning Experience: Discuss lions, their habitats, and characteristics as you craft.
  • Display With Pride: Find a special place to display the finished craft, celebrating the effort and creativity involved.
Handprint lion craft.

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This Handprint Lion Craft is a fantastic way for kids to express their creativity, develop key skills, and have a blast in the process.

It’s a simple, enjoyable activity that results in a personalized piece of art they can be proud of. So grab your supplies, and let’s make some roarsome lions!

Handprint lion craft.

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