Easy Halloween Book Marks that are Spook-tacular

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These easy Halloween bookmarks are a fun and simple Halloween popsicle stick craft perfect for younger kids.

Easy halloween bookmarks

It’s that time of year and fall is in full swing. We’ve been having so much fun creating fun Halloween crafts for the kids.

Today is a super easy but fun DIY bookmark craft for kids to help get them in the Halloween spirit. 

Crafting these inexpensive Halloween bookmarks is a breeze and only take a couple of supplies, most of which you may already have on hand. 

Now they can keep their place while reading spooky stories and they make great pointers as well!

Here is how you can easily make your own spook-tacular halloween bookmarks. 

Supplies Needed for Halloween Bookmarks

  • Large Popsicle sticks
  • Felt Halloween shapes (We got these at Michaels for very cheap)
  • Craft paint in halloween colors
  • Paintbrush
Popsicle stick Halloween bookmarks

How to Make Your DIY Halloween Bookmarks

Start by painting the popsicle stick in Halloween themed colors. We used yellow, black, white and orange. But green and purple would be great too!

How to make easy halloween bookmarks

Allow your popsicle sticks to dry completely. 

Now grab the Halloween felt stickers and simply peel and press one onto the top of each stick. 

You can reinforce the stickers with a bit of Elmer’s glue and hold in place until it drys.

Repeat the process with each of your popsicle sticks until you have as many Halloween themed bookmarks as you need. 

Kids will love crafting these on their own or you can make them and sneak them into school lunches. It would be a fun festive surprise!

They are sure to be enjoyed.

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