Printable Panda Craft Template (Grab the Cutie for Free!)

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Today we have this cute printable panda craft template. It’s a fun and easy panda build a panda craft perfect for kids of all ages.

printable panda craft template

Ready to get crafty? Look no further than this free printable panda template craft! This cut and paste craft lets you build a panda!

Perfect for kids and adults alike, all that’s needed to create your own little panda friend is scissors, glue, and the free printable template.

After gathering the supplies, you’ll be guided through how to accurately cut out each piece of the craft and assemble it together.

So let’s go ahead and dive into this fun project to make your very own cuddly panda!

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The Panda Template

Our printable panda craft template comes in two different versions. A precolored version and a color your own, printer friendly black and white version.

build a panda craft
panda craft template


For this craft you’ll need our printable panda template and a few basic craft supplies like:

  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or glue stick
  • Crayons or colored pencils (If coloring in the panda)

How to Make the Panda

To make your panda, start by printing out the panda template and gathering the rest of the supplies you’ll need.

If using the black and white version, provide crayons or colored pencils so that the panda can be colored in.

Cut out all the pieces of the pandas body.

Then start gluing them together or gluing them onto a piece of construction paper.

Let the panda dry and admire the work of art!

cute panda craft

Benefits of Cut and Paste Crafts

Develops Fine Motor Skills: Crafting activities can help children improve their hand-eye coordination, which is key to success in any number of tasks.

Boosts Problem-Solving: Through creating and completing projects, kids learn how to think outside the box and use creative problem solving.

Learning About Shapes & Colors: With the Panda Craft printable, your child can practice identifying shapes, colors, and textures.

Enhances Creativity: Letting your kid’s imagination run wild encourages them to explore and express themselves.

Promotes Bonding Time: Crafting together gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

Grab the Free Template

To make your own DIY panda craft, grab the free printable template by putting your email in the box below.

We’ll send it straight to your inbox.

This is for personal or classroom use only, please. Not for commercial use. Thank you!

Let the Panda Craft printable inspire your child’s imagination and provide a fun project that you can do together.

In addition to the educational benefits, crafting is an amazing way to strengthen the bond between parent and child while giving your kid the opportunity to explore their creative side.

printable panda craft

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