Cute Leprechaun Beard Craft (with Free Printable Template)

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This cute leprechaun beard craft lets kids create an adorable little leprechaun with a fun paper weave beard!

leprechaun beard craft

This leprechaun beard craft is a great project for preschoolers and elementary-aged kids to make for St. Patrick’s Day and as a fun way to learn about weaving paper strips.

We also include a printable template to make setting up this craft project even easier.

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supplies for beard craft

For this craft you’ll need some of the following materials:

Cardstock: You could use regular paper, but this is so much easier using colored cardstock. We used orange, brown, glitter paper, light orange, green and a skin tone. Or print out and color in the template with colored pencils or crayons.

Leprechaun beard template: You can grab our craft template at the bottom of the post.

You’ll also need some basic supplies like:

  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes
  • Paper cutter (Optional, but makes for nice even strips)


Start by grabbing our leprechaun beard template at the bottom of this tutorial. It includes all the pieces of the leprechaun’s head.

Cut out all the pieces.

leprechaun template pieces

We’ll start by making the leprechauns hat. Start by tracing the large rectangle and the long strip onto green paper or cardstock.

Cut the shorter strip and smaller rectangle out from brown paper, and the medium sized rectangle from gold (or yellow) paper.

leprechaun hat template pieces

Attach the long green strip to the bottom of the large green rectangle forming a hat shape.

Glue the gold rectangle onto the center of the brown strip, and then glue the small brown rectangle onto the center of the gold rectangle so it looks like a buckle on the hat belt, like shown below.

assembling hat

Then glue the hat’s belt onto the hat, finishing the hat.

finished hat

Now, make the leprechauns face by cutting the large oval from a skin toned colored paper.

Then grab the two left over oval pieces. Trace and cut out those shapes onto orange paper. Attach them to the top of the leprechauns head creating his hair.

leprechaun head

Then attach the hat to the top of his head and add some eyes. We used googly eyes, but you can draw some on if you’d rather.

attaching eyes and hat

Now it’s time to start making the leprechauns beard! Cut out the beard template from an orange pieces of paper or cardstock.

Fold it in half vertically and make several horizontal cuts through both papers using the template as a guide.

cutting leprechaun beard

Now cut the light orange paper into 6 strips about 1/2 an inch wide. A paper cutter make this step super easy.

getting weaving strips ready

Now you can start weaving the beard!

Starting at one end, weave a paper strip through the beard. Continue until the whole beard is full.

weaving beard

Then trim the strips so they don’t hang off the edges of the leprechaun’s beard.

finished woven beard

Glue the ends of the strips down.

Now you can attach the beard to the leprechaun’s face!

gluing beard to leprechaun

Finish the craft by drawing on a nose and smile.

leprechaun beard craft

Grab the Leprechaun Beard Template

To grab our free printable leprechaun beard craft template, put your email in the box below.

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This is for personal or educational use only please, not for commercial use. Thank you!

Do you’re kids enjoy weaving paper? It’s a fun way get creative and practice fine motor skills.

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