Comic Strip Templates (Free Printable Comic Book Pages)

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These free printable comic strip templates are perfect for kids wanting to make their own comic books. These are great to foster creative writing in a fun way that kids won’t even know they’re learning.

comic strip templates

Introducing our fantastic collection of free printable comic strip templates! Unleash your inner artist and storyteller with these easy-to-use, customizable templates that are perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to spark creativity in the classroom, a parent encouraging imaginative play at home, or an aspiring comic book creator seeking inspiration, our diverse range of templates cater to every style and theme.

Get ready to bring your stories to life with vivid characters and captivating narratives using our versatile comic templates.

So, grab your pencils, markers, or digital tools, and let’s start creating some unforgettable adventures together!

The Comic Book Templates

We have 12 pages of printable comic strip templates and comic book pages that encourages a wide range of creativity. They are all blank comic book pages ready to be filled in.

We have a few standard comic book strips that have even boxes.

comic strip templates

And some comic book pages with more uneven boxes where kids can draw different sized illustrations.

comic book template

Ones with lots of panels for plenty of drawings for more complex stories.

comic strip template

And a few fun ones like this one with a big featured circled with sunbeam panels coming off of it.

comic strip templates

And a few comic strips with just a couple of standard panels.

comic strips printable
printable comic book templates
comic strip templates

This sunburst comic book page is one of my favorite ones. It’s great for adding more drama to their creative writing story.

comic strip template starburst

And a big blank comic book page if they want to feature one illustration in the book.

blank comic strip pages
comic strip templates

We also include a few pages of shapes for kids to cut out and add to their comic strips. Like some fun speech bubbles and thought bubbles.

Also a few classic comic sayings.

Some Tips for Engaging Learners

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when using the templates to help make them more engaging and more fun.

Select age-appropriate templates: Choose templates that cater to the interests and abilities of your students.

Consider the number of panels, layout, and space for dialogue bubbles. Encourage students to mix and match different templates to create a unique comic strip that reflects their imagination.

Guide story planning: Help students brainstorm their storylines by discussing characters, settings, and plots.

Provide guidance on creating a coherent narrative while encouraging them to express their creativity freely.

Introduce various art styles: Expose students to different art styles, from simple stick figures to detailed illustrations.

Encourage them to experiment with coloring techniques like shading or using bold colors to make their comics visually appealing.

Teach engaging dialogue writing: Assist students in crafting concise yet captivating dialogue.

Show them how to play around with font sizes, styles, and balloon shapes to emphasize emotions and character personalities.

Encourage visual storytelling: Teach students to utilize visual cues like facial expressions, body language, and backgrounds in their comics.

This helps convey emotions and context without relying solely on dialogue.

Promote a growth mindset: Remind students that their comic strips don’t need to be perfect.

Encourage them to embrace the creative process and learn from any mistakes they make along the way.

Foster collaboration: Facilitate group activities where students can share their comic strip templates and collaborate on stories together.

This can lead to fresh ideas and perspectives, making their comics even more engaging.

Help develop skills: Use these templates as an opportunity for students to hone their drawing and storytelling abilities.

Encourage them to experiment with new techniques and seek inspiration from other comics or artists to refine their skills.

Prepare extra copies: Print several copies of the chosen templates, so you have extras on hand for future projects or revisions.

Celebrate and share student work: Once students have completed their comic strips, showcase their work in the classroom, school, or online platforms to receive feedback and encouragement.

Celebrate their achievements and creativity.

Remember, the most important aspect of using these free printable comic strip templates in education is to make learning fun and engaging for students while nurturing their creativity!

Grab the Free Comic Book Templates

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These are for personal or classroom use only please. Not for commercial use.

Thank you!

Free printable comic book templates to let kids make their own DIY comic strips. Perfect for creative writing activities.

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