Lucky Leprechaun Craft for Kids

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This cute lucky leprechaun craft for kids is fun way to create a leprechaun that’s all about Luck!

lucky leprechaun craft

St. Patrick’s day is coming up and we’ve been having fun coming up with fun leprechaun crafts for the occasion!

All you need for this craft is some craft paper or cardstock, our lucky leprechaun craft template and some basic craft supplies.

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leprechaun craft supplies

To make your lucky leprechaun, you’ll need the following materials:

Lucky Leprechaun Craft Template: You can grab the template at the bottom of the tutorial.

Colored craft paper: Cardstock is easiest to work with. We used brown, green, light green, orange, a skin tone and gold glitter paper. You could also just color in the template with crayons or colored pencils.

Pink pom pom: For the nose (but you could just draw a nose one)

Pair of googly eyes: Or you could just draw eyes on.

You’ll also need some basic craft supplies like:

  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • All-purpose glue


Start by printing out our lucky leprechaun template. Then cut out all of the pieces.

lucky leprechaun template

Cut out the large circle on skin toned paper. Then cut out the large rectangle and big strip on green paper.

Cut out another strip and the LUCKY letters on orange colored paper.

Cut out the smallest strips and smallest square on brown paper, or color in brown.

And lastly, cut out the bigger square shape on gold or yellow paper.

If you don’t want to use colored paper, you could also color in the template pieces with crayons or colored paper.

assembling hat

Once we have all our pieces cut out, start making the hat.

Glue the long green strip to the bottom of the green rectangle.

Then glue the gold square to the center of the brown strip, then glue the small brown rectangle to the center of the gold square creating a buckle and belt for the hat.

Glue the belt to the center of the hat.

orange paper fringe

Now, take the big orange strip and cut slits down the entire length creating a fringe.

Give the fringe a little fluff and glue these under the brim of the hat to act as the leprechaun’s hair.

gluing hair to leprechaun

Then attach the hat and hair to the leprechaun’s head.

gluing letters to leprechaun

Next, start gluing the L U C K Y letters to the leprechauns chin, forming a “lucky” beard.

We started in the center with the letter C and attached the letters on either side to keep everything centered.

leprechaun craft for kids

Finally, add the pink pom pom as the nose and a pair of googly eyes to his face. Then draw on a cute smile!

That’s it. Your lucky leprechaun craft is all finished!

Grab the Lucky Leprechaun Craft Template

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