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L is for Log Craft: Free Printable Letter L Craft

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Have fun with learning with this L activity! Get your kids this free, printable, L is for log craft. This adorable and easy craft will be a great way for them to practice and reinforce their skills related to the letter L.

L is for log craft

Looking for an exciting way to help kids learn the letter L? Then say hello to our new free printable L is for log craft!

It’s an awesome activity that combines both crafting and the alphabet.

In just a few easy steps, kids can have a blast putting together their very own log masterpiece while learning about the letter L.

We’ll walk you through everything step-by-step and include tips and tricks to make the most out of this letter L experience.

So let’s jump straight in and get started!

L is for Log Craft

letter L craft

Materials Needed

For this craft you’ll need our letter L is for log printable along with some basic craft supplies like:

  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Elmer’s glue or glue stick)
  • Craft paper (optional, you can glue your template piece to each other or onto colored paper)


To get started, download and print the free L is for log template provided. Grab your coloring materials and let your child color inside the lines of the letter L and log-shaped cut-outs.

Afterward, they can carefully cut out all the pieces with scissors. Finally, let them flex their crafting muscles as they assemble everything together using a glue stick or some craft glue.

Your child will feel proud displaying their final masterpiece that incorporates both the letter L and crafting!

L is for log craft

Reinforcing the Letter L:

Once the craft is done, parents can help nurture learning by encouraging their kids to practice their letter-L skills.

Get them saying the letter name and sound out loud while they work on the craft.

Ask them to identify objects in the room that start with L, like lion, lamp, or ladder.

You can also help your child make a list of words beginning with L and give them a hand writing them down.

And don’t forget to sing the alphabet song together for extra fun!

Grab the Free Letter L Craft:

To grab the free L is for log printable, put your name and email in the box below. We’ll send it straight to your inbox.

This printable is for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use. Thank you!

L is for log craft

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