Easter Roller Cube Game with Free Printable

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Today we have another cute Easter printable game. It’s a roller dice game perfect to play during Easter weekend.

Easter free printable board game.

Printable board games are such an easy way to add a little more fun to your day. And this printable easter board game is a favorite of ours.

It’s a great learning activity while also promoting bonding and connection for the whole family.

There are just so many fun Easter themed activities for kids to do. 

So naturally, we’ve been looking for fun things to do this year too. 

We came up with something a little different this time. A cute and fun printable Easter board game. 

It may be one of our favorite Easter printables right now. We also love our Easter egg templates and Easter egg coloring pages.

Free Printable Easter Board Game

Free Easter board game printable.

In order to get started playing this fun little Easter themed board game, you simply download the 2 page printable, make your cube, and get to playing!

You can download the Easter Board Game Here.

Then start putting your Easter Roller Dice cube together. 

To assemble it, cut out the dice shape. Then fold each line to make a crisp 90 degree angle, including the side tabs. 

Then glue the tabs down to their corresponding sides to make a cube shape. The other page of the printable is the board game part.

You should now have 1 Easter dice and one board.

How to Play the Easter Roller Dice Board Game

Now that you have your Easter board game and dice ready, all you need are players, and a game piece for each player.

Little easter trinkets work great for this. You could also use half of a plastic Easter egg or piece of candy to act as your player marker. 


This board game is very similar to candy land. 

The first player rolls the dice. Then they move to the first spot with a matching image that they rolled. 

So, if the first player rolls an Easter bunny in an egg, they go to 4th spot on the board, which has an identical image of the Easter bunny.

Then that person’s turn is over and the next player goes. 

This is repeated until someone wins by making their way to the “end” first. 

Ideas to Make the Most of This Easter Board Game

This game is great for preschoolers learning matching skills. They also learn about turn taking. 

If playing this game on Easter or for an Easter party, it would be great to offer little “prizes” for the winners. 

A few plastic Easter eggs filled with candies, some Easter themed socks or pencils and erasers would make great prizes. 

Easter board game printable

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