Printable Letter C (Grab the Free Templates!)

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Need a free printable letter C? We have lowercase C printables and uppercase C’s you can grab here for free!

printable letter c

Introducing our printable letter C templates! This resource is perfect for teachers, parents, and caregivers who are introducing young learners to the letter C.

Both upper case and lower case printable letter C’s are included, and designed in a way that makes them perfect for coloring, filling with pompoms, or using as a starting point for various creative projects.

Our C printables are an excellent tool for promoting fine motor skills and letter recognition, making them a great addition to any learning curriculum.

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The Letter C Printable Templates

We’ve got a few different large printable letter C’s. We’ve got uppercase letter C outlines.

printable uppercase letter c
printable letter c

And we have two different version of the lowercase letter C printables.

printable lowercase letter c
printable letter c

These are great to use for letter coloring pages, to fill the letters with fun craft items like pom poms, tissue paper or just to practice learning the alphabet.

Grab the printable letter C here.

Printing Tips

Our download contains all four pages in a single PDF file. To print only the desired page, you can simply type in the page number in your printer settings before printing. It’ll help reduce ink and paper usage.

printable letter c for kids crafts

Make sure to click the link above to download the printables. If you print from the pictures in the post, it won’t be as clear.

big c outline
big letter C outline
printable letter
printable letter c

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