Printable Dot Game (Fun Free Templates and Grids!)

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Today we have a fun dot game printable! It’s a quick and easy printable game and a great boredom buster!

dot game printables

The Dot Game is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s also known as the boxes game, or the dots and boxes game.

Our printable dot game board allows you to take the fun of this popular game with you wherever you go, without having to draw hundreds of little dots!

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How to Play the Dot Game

The game is pretty simple once you know how to play it.

It’s a two-player game that starts with an empty grid of dots. Players take turns adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two unjoined adjacent dots, like shown below.

Player A is the pink line, and player B is the green line. The first player makes a line. Then the second player makes their line.

how to play dot game

Keep taking turns making single lines until you are able to complete a square with only one line. Typically, the board starts to fill up before you are able to make a full square. It starts by looking like this.

how to play dot game

Then eventually more like this:

how to play dot game

When the board starts to fill up, a player will be forced to draw the third line of a square, allowing the other player to complete a box.

how to play dot game

When a player completes a square, they get to go again. Sometimes being able to complete a sequence of squares they can claim, earning them one point.

how to play dot game

Eventually, they’ll no longer be able to make a square and half to make a line, creating an opportunity for the other player to make their own squares.

how to play dot game

This goes back and forth until all the board is filled up.

The game ends when no more lines can be placed.

The winner of the game is the player with the most points. The board may be of any size and when short on time, players can also agree to limit the number of squares.

The Printable Dot Game Board

We created a few different dot game printables so that you can quickly and easily play at home or in class!

We have a fun colorful one where all the boxes of the dot grid are colors. It makes for a fun dot game!

dot game printable

We also have some printer-friendly black and white versions.

We have a large dot game template along.

dot game printable

And one with no title, just a giant board of dots.

dot game template

We also have one that includes 2 dots game printables on one page, which allows you to cut the printable templates in half and have 2 games.

This is great for classrooms, for keeping the whole family entertained during holidays or to use as a party activity.

printable dots game

Grab the Dot Game Printable

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These are for personal or classroom use only, please. Not for commercial use. Thank you!

Have fun playing dots!

printable dots game

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