Connect 4 Printable Valentines Day Game

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This adorable printable connect 4 game has a Valentine’s day spin on it. We call it connect 4 hearts to win! It’s a great activity for kids to do near Valentines day.

printable connect 4 valentines day game

This fun game is perfect as a Valentine’s day printable or a fun game to play for an anniversary or special love day.

It’s very similar to a printable connect 4 game, we just added some fun hearts to it for a fun twist.

It’s a great activity to help pass a bit of time and play with kids. It’s also great to use as a classroom activity or to fold up and add into kid’s valentines day boxes.

And if you are looking for another fun Valentine’s day activity, be sure to check out our popular I love you templates!

How to Play

printable connect 4 valentines day game

To play is super easy. Just print out the one page printable. This works best as a two player game.

Each player grabs a colored pencil or crayon in a different color.

Then take turns filling in the hearts with your color.

The game ends when a player is able to fill up 4 hearts in a row with their color. Then they win!

If the board is filled up before some reaches 4 in a row, then print out another one and start again.

To make this game playable again and again without having to print a bunch of copies, laminate it first!

Then use dry-erase markers to fill in the hearts! This will give you lots of play time with the game and you can use it many times.

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printable connect 4 valentines day game

What will you be doing with this printable? If you have some creative ideas let us know in the comments!

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