Paper Sunflower Craft

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This paper sunflower craft is made from construction paper and real sunflower seeds! It’s a fun art project for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

paper sunflower craft

Hey there, crafty friends! Are you ready to create something super fun and exciting with your little ones?

Introducing our Paper Sunflower Craft that uses real sunflower seeds in the center! This is a perfect spring craft for kids.

Made from construction paper, this is the perfect activity for preschoolers and kindergartners to dive into. After all, I don’t know any kids who don’t love big paper flowers.

Get ready to unleash their creativity and brighten up their day with this adorable craft project! Let’s get started, shall we?

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Sunflower Seeds: We used real sunflower seeds, because we had them on hand and it made it feel more fun. Of course you could cut up squares of black construction paper to use as the seeds instead or rolled up black tissue paper.

Colored construction paper: We used green, yellow for the sunflower blue and black for the background.

You’ll also need some basic craft supplies like:

  • Scissors
  • White school glue

How to Make the Paper Sunflowers

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you and your child bring this vibrant sunflower to life! Let’s dive in, shall we? 😃

Step 1: Cut Yellow Paper Strips

cutting yellow strips of paper for the sunflower petals

First, invite your child to cut long strips of yellow paper. This will be the petals of our sunflower. Aren’t they already looking lovely?

Now, fold the paper strips in half and cut each strip a second time. This will make the perfect petal size for our craft!

Step 2: Cut the Stem and Leaves

cutting a stem from green paper

Next, have your child to cut a stem and leaves from the green paper. This will give our sunflower some extra charm!

Step 3: Create the Sunflower Head

making a circle of glue on paper

Grab your black or blue construction paper and make a circle of glue right in the center. This will be the head of our sunflower. Exciting, isn’t it?

Step 4: Arrange the Petals

adding yellow strips to circle of glue

Place the yellow strips of paper around the circle of glue. It’s starting to look like a paper sunflower now, right?

Step 5: Secure the Petals

adding more glue on top of strips

Add a second circle of glue on top of the original circle, covering the newly laid yellow strips of paper. This will keep our petals in place!

Step 6: Loop and Press

attaching petals to paper

Loop each strip up towards the center, pressing firmly for a second before moving to the next strip.

Step 7: Add Sunflower Seeds

gluing sunflower seeds onto cetner of sunflower

Now for the fun part! Add a generous amount of glue in the center of the yellow paper loops and sprinkle on real sunflower seeds. Spread them out to fill in the center of the flower. How cool is that?

Step 9: Attach the Stem and Leaves

adding leaves to stem of sunflower

Glue the stem and leaves onto the paper. Almost done!

Step 10: Dry and Display

finished paper sunflower craft

Allow your beautiful Paper Sunflower Craft to dry and then display it proudly for all to see! 🌻

And there you have it, friends! A fun and creative activity to enjoy with your little ones.

paper sunflower craft
paper sunflower craft
paper sunflower craft
Yield: 1 Sunflower

Paper Sunflower Craft

Active Time: 5 minutes
Drying Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Free

This paper sunflower makes a great big cheer sunflower made from construction paper and real sunflower seeds!


  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Green, yellow and black or blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • White school glue


  1. Cut long yellow paper strips with your child
  2. Fold strips in half & cut again
  3. Make glue circle on black/blue paper (sunflower head)
  4. Place yellow strips around glue circle
  5. Add second glue circle on top, covering yellow strips
  6. Loop & press strips towards center, one by one
  7. Generously glue center of yellow loops
  8. Sprinkle sunflower seeds & spread them out
  9. Cut stem & leaves from green paper together
  10. Glue stem & leaves in place
  11. Let it dry & display your masterpiece!


You don't have to use real sunflower seeds. You can use cut up pieces of black construction paper, or crumpled paper for a textured center.

And there you have it, friends – a stunning Paper Sunflower Craft that’s sure to brighten up your day!

We hope you and your little ones had a blast creating this masterpiece together. Don’t forget to share your sunflower creations with us – we’d love to see how they turned out!

Remember, crafting is all about having fun and making memories that last a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Get crafting and explore the endless possibilities of creativity.

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