Super Cute Painted Mason Jars for Christmas

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Today we have a super cute mason jar craft. These mason jars are decorated for the Christmas season. They are super cute and make wonderful gifts.

how to paint mason jars for christmas gifts tutorial

I am loving this Christmas craft! 

These painted mason jars are decorated for the Christmas season.

We used a combo of Christmas colors that are somewhat muted to get that farmhouse look, and glued a few cute bobbles to the top of the lids to make super cute Christmas handles. 

You can fill them with lots of fun goodies and they make fantastic mason jar gifts at Christmas time! 

We’ll show you step by step how to decorate mason jars to give as Christmas gifts! 

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Christmas decorated mason jars

Supplies Needed to Decorate Mason Jars for Christmas Gifts

To make mason jars similar to the ways ours look here’s what you’ll need:

How to decorate mason jars for Christmas gifts

To decorate your mason jars for Christmas gifts, start by grabbing all of your supplies and having them ready. 

Step 1: Paint the Mason Jar in Christmas Colors

Starting with one of your Mason jars, paint the entire outside of the glass jar with one of the Christmas colors.

Red, green or white work really well.

For this mason jar we are using the green New Life paint. It gives a nice chalky finish for a pretty farmhouse chic look.

Once the jar is completely painted, let it dry completely. 

Painting a mason jar green to decorate as a christmas gift

Step 2: Lightly Sand the Mason Jar

Once your jars are all painted, lightly sand the jars to allow the textured surface to shine through. 

This gives a distressed finish to the jar and a shabby chic look.

After your mason jar is sanded down a bit, wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth. 

Sanding the mason jars down with sandpaper

Step 3: Painting the Lids

Now that your jars are finished and ready, let’s start decorating the lids with the Christmas bobbles. 

Paint the inside and outside of the mason jar lids with the golden metallic paint.

Make sure to pain both the rim parts of the lids and the flat parts as well.

painting mason jar lid parts metallic gold for christmas

Grab the various wooden bobbles and paint with the metallic paint.  

You may need to paint the lids and wooden findings with multiple layers of paint to completely cover them.

Make sure to allow the lids and bobbles to dry completely between each coat. 

painting mason jar lids for Christmas gifts

Aren’t the little golden Christmas tree’s cute??

Step 4: Assembling the Mason Jar Lids

Once all of the paint has dried on the mason jar lids, its time to start using the hot glue gun to glue all the pieces together. 

First, glue the inner lid to the rim of the mason jar lid. 

Then, glue the Christmas bobble to the middle of the assembled lid. 

This will create a nob on your Christmas gift jar. 

gluing Christmas tree to mason jar lid
Chirstmas decorated mason jar gifts

Step 5: Adding Decorative Christmas Ribbon

Once your mason jars are painted and your lids assembled, it’s time to add the finishing touches on your gift jars!

Grab a bit of decorative Christmas ribbon, and tie around the nobs of your mason jars. 

We used coordinating Christmas colors.

Christmas ribbon on mason jar

And that’s it! Your decorative Christmas gift mason jars are all finished. These make great containers to give smaller Christmas gifts or as a great Christmas craft to make and sell.

If you have more lids than you have jars, you can also create these cute Christmas ornament made from the mason jar lids.

Now you just have to fill them! 

We filled ours with Hershey’s kisses. Yum!

painted mason jars for Christmas gifts
Christmas painted mason jars to fill and give as gifts
Mason jar gift for Christmas

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