Bee Letters & Numbers Worksheets (Perfect for preschool and kindergarten)

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Today we have some fun bee letter and number worksheets that feel like a fun game to younger kids. Help the bee find his way through the honey comb maze by following the correct sequence of numbers or letters.

Bee letters and numbers worksheets.

This honeycomb bee maze worksheet is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Not only does it provide an entertaining challenge, but it also promotes letter and number recognition skills.

Whether it’s for a rainy day at home or a classroom activity, these printables are sure to keep little ones engaged and learning.

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Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Encourages letter and number recognition
  • Engaging and interactive for kids
  • Suitable for both home and classroom use
  • Helps develop problem-solving skills


  • The Bee worksheets: You can grab them at the end of this post.
  • Printer: For printing the worksheets
  • Paper or cardstock: To print the worksheets on
  • Crayons or markers: For completing the mazes

The Printables

Our fun bee worksheets include 5 different pages all located on one PDF file.

Bee numbers worksheets.

Letters 1-20 Maze:

This page features a honeycomb bee maze where children guide the bee through by finding the letters 1-20 in sequential order. Ideal for reinforcing early letter recognition and number sequence skills.

Letters 20-1 Maze:

Similar to the first page, this maze challenges children to guide the bee backward from 20 to 1, promoting reverse number sequencing and letter recognition skills.

Bee letters worksheets.

Lowercase Letters A-Z Maze:

In this maze, children navigate the honeycomb by identifying lowercase letters A-Z. It’s a great activity for practicing letter recognition in a fun and engaging way.

Uppercase Letters A-Z Maze:

This page focuses on uppercase letters A-Z within the honeycomb maze, providing another opportunity for children to reinforce their letter recognition skills, especially with capital letters.

Blank Bee letters and numbers worksheet.

Customizable Blank Maze:

The fifth page is a blank honeycomb maze designed for parents or teachers to customize. Write in your desired numbers or letters, making it adaptable to specific learning objectives or individualized practice.


Print out the desired honeycomb bee maze worksheet

Give the worksheet and crayons/markers to your child.

Instruct them to find the letters or numbers as they guide the bee through the maze.

Encourage them to complete all four versions for comprehensive letter and number practice.

Educational Uses and Tips

Combine this activity with one of our fun bee crafts, like our printable bee craft or our cute handprint bee craft.

Letter and Number Sequencing: Use the worksheets to reinforce letter and number sequencing skills. Have children say the letters or numbers aloud as they trace the maze, helping them practice the correct order.

Fine Motor Skills: Encourage children to use their fine motor skills by carefully guiding the bee through the maze using crayons or markers. This activity helps improve hand-eye coordination and pencil grip.

Alphabet and Number Recognition: Discuss each letter or number as children find them in the maze. Ask them to name the letter or number, its sound (for letters), or its value (for numbers) to reinforce recognition.

Counting Practice: For the number mazes, have children count aloud as they move from one number to the next. This reinforces counting skills and number sequence comprehension.

Multi-Sensory Learning: Combine the worksheets with sensory materials like colored rice or playdough. Children can trace the maze with their fingers in the sensory material, adding a tactile element to the learning process.

Interactive Games: Turn the maze completion into a game by assigning points or rewards for completing each maze correctly. This adds a fun and competitive aspect to the educational activity.

Customization: Create your own versions of the maze worksheets to focus on specific letters, numbers, or themes relevant to what children are learning in school or at home.

Group Activities: Use the worksheets in group settings to promote collaboration and peer learning. Children can work together to solve the mazes, sharing strategies and helping each other.

Extension Activities: After completing the mazes, extend the learning by having children write words or sentences using the letters they found in the maze, or perform simple addition/subtraction using the numbers.

Also make sure to give any of your creations a fun bee name and read some of our funny bee puns and jokes that’ll make for some instant giggles.

Top Tips

  • Use bright and colorful crayons or markers to make the activity more visually appealing.
  • Offer encouragement and praise as your child completes each maze.
  • For added durability, laminate the worksheets so they can be reused multiple times and give them an expo marker to complete the worksheets.
  • Make it a game by timing how quickly your child can complete each maze.

Grab the Free Printable

To receive the free printable honeycomb bee maze worksheets, simply enter your name and email in the pink box below.

These printables are for personal or classroom use only and are not for commercial use. Enjoy the learning fun!

The honeycomb bee maze worksheets are a fantastic way to make letter and number learning enjoyable for young children.

Bee letters and numbers worksheets.

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