Space I Spy Printable Game

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Today we have a free printable Space I Spy game for kids! It’s perfect for diving into cosmic adventures. Kids can search for rocket ships, spacemen, planets, the sun, and shooting stars hidden within a bustling space scene. This game is not only fun but also sharpens observational skills and attention to detail.

Space I spy printable.

Embark on a stellar journey with our “Space I Spy” game, perfect for little astronauts in training!

This game is a fantastic way for children to develop their cognitive skills, such as pattern recognition and counting, while indulging in the fascinating world of space.

It’s an great activity for rainy days, space-themed parties, or as an educational tool in classrooms to complement lessons about the universe.

Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Engaging Theme: Kids will love the space adventure, making learning fun and exciting.
  • Educational: Enhances counting abilities, attention to detail, and cognitive development.
  • Easy to Use: Just print and play, no complicated setup required.
  • Reusable: Laminate it for repeated play and interaction.


  • Printable “Space I Spy” game sheet: You can grab our free printable worksheet at the end of this post.
  • Printer & Paper: Cardstock or regular paper works fine.
  • Laminator (optional): To make the sheet reusable, consider laminating it.
  • Marker or Pencil: For marking off the found items.
Space I spy printable.


Print the “Space I Spy” game sheet on your choice of paper.

Look closely at the game sheet and start searching for the different space objects mentioned, like rocket ships, spacemen, and more.

Count how many of each object you find and write the numbers in the provided spaces next to each item.

For an added challenge, set a timer to see how fast you can find all the items.

Top Tips

  • Use a Timer: Make it a fun race against time for an exciting twist.
  • Pair with Learning: Discuss each space object found to enhance knowledge about space.
  • Group Play: Turn it into a group activity where children can help each other find and count the objects.
  • Visual Enhancement: Use colored pencils or markers to circle found items for a pop of color and fun.

Education Uses and Ideas

Vocabulary Building: Use the game to introduce new space-related vocabulary. Discuss each object found, its function, and its place in the universe to build a richer vocabulary and understanding of space.

Counting Practice: Encourage children to count the objects out loud to reinforce their counting skills and number recognition.

Memory Boost: After playing, ask children to recall the different objects they found, enhancing their memory and recall abilities.

Comparative Learning: Compare and contrast the objects found (e.g., sizes, colors, shapes) to develop critical thinking and observation skills.

Story Creation: Have children create a story using the objects they found in the game. This not only sparks creativity but also enhances their narrative skills.

Science Integration: Use the game as a springboard for a lesson on space. Discuss the characteristics of each celestial body or spacecraft, and connect it with real-life space facts and science.

Grab the Free Printable

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Our “Space I Spy” printable is a fantastic way for kids to explore and learn about the cosmos in an interactive and entertaining manner. It’s a wonderful addition to any parent’s or teacher’s toolkit for educational activities that combine fun with learning.

Space I spy printable.

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