Ready Confetti! A Back to School Letter with a Fun Twist

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Back to school time can cause a bit of stress for everyone! Make the night before the first day of school memorable with our Ready Confetti back to school letter.

Back to school printable letter.

Our Ready Confetti letter is one of our favorite back to school letter ideas!

This special letter is not just a piece of paper, it’s a tradition that promises a sprinkle of fun and lots of comfort for the night before the first day of school.

Perfect for parents, teachers, and students, this printable is your little one’s ticket to a confident and cheerful school year start.

Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Ease Back-to-School Jitters: The charming words of the Ready Confetti letter are designed to comfort anxious hearts and transform nervous anticipation into excited eagerness for the first day of school.
  • Fosters Family Tradition: Creating a memorable back-to-school ritual that can be cherished year after year, enhancing the bond between you and your child through a shared, joyful experience.
  • Promotes Positive Thinking: The uplifting message instills confidence and positivity, ensuring your child starts the school year with a bright, optimistic outlook.

Materials Needed

  • The “Ready Confetti” printable letter
  • Safe, eco-friendly confetti or a homemade alternative (e.g., biodegradable paper pieces, dried flower petals)
  • A small pouch or envelope to hold the confetti
Back to school printable letter.


  1. Print out the “Ready Confetti” letter.
  2. Prepare your chosen confetti and place it in a small pouch or envelope.
  3. Read the letter with your child, letting them absorb the soothing words and the exciting anticipation it brings.
  4. Before bedtime, join your child in sprinkling the confetti in the air, embracing the magic and the promise of a positive, fulfilling school year.
  5. Encourage your child to express any thoughts or feelings they have about starting school, using the letter as a gentle conversation starter.

The Free Printable Letter

The printable is a one page letter that reads:

The night before school is so exciting and fun.
There are always so many things to be done.
Your clothes are ready, your book bag is too.
Your classroom is full of fun things to do!
Lots of questions may fill your mind,
All types of thoughts of every kind.
But sometimes we all get jitters down deep,
And that makes it very hard to fall asleep.
So here is some magic confetti for you!
Full of promises for the whole year through!
Tonight before you lay down your little head,
Sprinkle some in the air before heading to bed!
this confetti will help you sleep at night,
and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and bright!

Additional Tips

  • Customize the confetti to match your child’s favorite colors or interests, making the experience even more personal and exciting.
  • Incorporate the “Ready Confetti” ritual into your back-to-school eve tradition, creating lasting memories and a sense of calm before the big day.
  • Use the letter annually as a delightful way to kickstart the new academic year, establishing a sense of continuity and joyous anticipation.

Grab the Free Printable

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This printable is exclusively for personal or classroom use, not for commercial use please. Thank you!

Download Instructions

Easily download the printable and print it from the comfort of your home. Optimize your ink usage by selecting only the necessary pages in your print settings – a handy tip to keep it eco-friendly and cost-effective!

The “Ready Confetti” printable is more than just a letter, it’s a message of positivity for your child’s school journey. As you embrace this fun tradition, you’re not only easing those first-day nerves but also planting the seeds of enthusiasm and confidence that will bloom throughout the year.

Back to school printable letter.

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